Thursday, July 31, 2008

My love will turn you on

Where there's a will, there's a way! I will be seeing this Of Montreal tour.

I'm not perfect. I'm just me. But I do get tired of hanging on. Clue me in here.

pretty sirens don't go flat. It's not supposed to happen like that.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reading about deer, while listening to Deerhunter

So what I want to know is that do they explode all at once, these deer populations, or only when enemies are around?

I forgot how much Deerhunter hurts my brain.

I've got my hash pipe

Oh Lady Bunny. Going back to being alone in NY that summer, you were always there for me. You and Lucky Cheng's. What times.

OMG! I love it!!

I used to collect vintage underoos and well, wear them, until I finally realized that mint green frilly bloomers are totally cute and all but hell on my bits. You see, the playful things I refer to were all made in the 50s and 60s of polyester rayon God only knows what kind of materials. Sweat in them. gross. Dance in them. ouch. Lay around in them. ok maybe that's fine. But I like to be active in my lingerie so to speak and these just weren't having it.

Well men, now you can know what it feels like to wear exactly what I've described. Frills that itch your thighs at awkward times. Material that, although pleasant to touch after a powder bath, is pretty kinked up after a day out and about. That kind of material is pretty great in a slip*. Not so great up against your balls.

*Awful confession. There was a girl I completely didn't like and I saw her at a party. She disliked me equally. We both had fairly wicked good taste in clothes. She was wearing this beautiful coral colored slip that I had to have. I knew it was vintage. I knew there was only one way to get it. I walked up to her and told her that looked so much like this slip I used to have that my boyfriend made me wear every time we had sex. But sadly I guess I sold it with some other clothes. That weekend, I walked straight into the local awesome resale shop and what do you know. Lying in a bin, not even tagged yet, our coral slip. Sad thing is I wore it once and gave it away. Her boobs had stretched it all to hell.

My angel wings // Were bruised and restrained

A few things about me, as of laterly,

I'm so into Cake. I walk around my yard, ipod shuffle all dirt stained from the garden, and shake my booty to some Cake all summer long.

Where I work, Spinal Meningitis by Ween is not the best song to rock out to at your desk. Gets you a few looks to say the least.

I really, really want it to rain. At my house. Not over here at work. Not over there at my parents' house, but here. Here at my house.

Hopefully August will be less restless than July has proven.

Thank GOD Brent and I have found a way to play work Scrabble again. I was seriously getting the stitches up in here!

My Husband is a bad ass carpenter if I do say so myself. Build us some doors honey, build 'em up!

There for about 5 seconds I almost, then I said naw, fuck it. Totally not worth it.

I'm reading a wonderful book, that is just what I've been wanting. Use my brain but also let me just enjoy a good story too.

Frustrated: Not the men I work with, but the men who work around us are worthless. Since when was it mannerful to sit and watch a woman in a pencil skirt, blouse, and heels, try and pull a rusty metal gate 8 feet along a sliding canal? Hmmm? Hmmm Mr A-hole smoker warehouse men? I've pulled half ton pallets off 18 wheelers in similar outfits not because I wanted to but because I had to. It was fine. But when I'm obviously out of my element and it's 105 degrees with the heat index, don't you think your momma would be proud if you got off your butt for once and helped a lady out/cooked dinner for a change/did the laundry ever/picked the kids up from school just this one time? No wonder our society has belief systems rooted in masculine dominance, because we let them. Did I one time ask for help while out side? No. And that's my own fault. I hate to baby a man but God, sometimes it's just so much easier. Even the truck drivers that come in won't let us work, afraid they'll dirty us just by looking at us (pun def. intended). Work. Sheesh. Whatevs.

I get to see Bdog and meet Milla Thursday. Dear Wes and Tasha get married this weekend and that includes Travs game Friday, wedding Saturday, brunch Sunday. Houseguests the whole time. I have to put an outfit together. Yikes! What to wear?

But the mutants that I see
Shine their beauty unto me
I wish you could see them

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keep it off the record

This is just so tastefully awful that I had to. It's also so tactlessly question markeable that I could only send it to my dear, sweet gay man love, Rockstar. Sanctity of marriage and whatnot.

Anyway today is becoming a "yes ma'am?" and "no, sorry" kind of day at work. But that's fine. That's part of what I'm here for. I mean I love telling people no. Right?

Monday, July 28, 2008

A long time ago, we used to be friends

When it rains it pours!

I double dare you to try this test.* Start thinking intensely about someone you haven't spoken to in a long time. Give it a few days but really no more than 2 or 3. If you haven't heard from them by then, I'll mail you 5 bucks. It works for me every time. Except with Trusell-Hustle. He I can just never get to contact me. And I'll actually pick up the phone for that!

What's even more interesting though is after you try this a few times, people will start to get in touch with you! Richard, I'm looking at you here, dollface. If only we still had the porch!

What's even more interesting than that is when you get so in tune with this vibe, imagine hitting a tuning fork on a metal banister and listening to how long it rings, when you open up, things start happening in your dreams that become real. I'm not going to presume premonition here, but it's pretty amazing that after you try this, and I mean seriously try this, so many times I've had a dream about someone. Someone I really love or someone I haven't thought about in years, and in that process of allowing myself to be figuratively turned inside out (Inside Out Boy!) I allow the universe in. And wham-o. What I want/need/feel is presented to me. Sometimes it's all I've needed. Sometimes I didn't even realize it. Every time though it completely throws me for a loop.

It may be I sound a little spacey here. But this kind of energy is way better than drugs, sex, money, or power. It's truly awesome, dude. (haha)

Tim, teacher and guru man, I thank you for this knowledge. Sandarsita svatma sukhavabodhe

Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town

New York, Paris, and London in September. New Orleans in October. New York in January (my God's honest favorite time to be there, the bitter cold, no seriously!). San Diego in February.

Also we start working with Habitat in September.

Woo hoo! Not a bad way to accept prosperity.

Time to work. Monday Monday.

PS: I Am Legend was really sweet.
PPS: I think Vampire Weekend is my fave band of the moment. I don't see it lasting because that's what I have Paul Simon for, but I do dig them now.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bring me forward

(I made this!)

2 things.

The Dark Knight in Imax was so INCREDIBLE!!! It totally lit up my inner nerd (librarian glasses and all, wink wink) and we had such a great time in the theater watching it.

I am so glad to be wrong in this instance. Going back to church was such an enlightening and warm experience. It really is home to me. The weight I always fought through, drowning in warm water, isn't there anymore. A lot of those old feelings aren't there any more. The guilt I used to feel for being a person with everything but to feel so lonely. The loss of my father and family in so many ways. The need to be fit in a mold and never, never being able to fit in that mold. For all and no reasons combined, my church provided me such strong foundations, permission to question everything around me but it never did make me feel more whole. Now I think what I'm supposed to learn, is that in accepting abundance (Shanti Shanti), in accepting the ever duality of my nature (I believe in her goodness // I believe in her darkness), in accepting my strengths and my weaknesses, I am accepted. And it makes giving back so much easier. It makes everything so much easier. Plus we baptized the adopted son of a lesbian couple in the service. And it just helped make me feel that much more like a person who wants to do things not just be things.

Having Hub's brother and his fiancee in town was great fun. Having Hubs tell me all my working out is giving me boner leggs was great fun as well!

Time to watch I am Legend, 55 pushups, then beddy times!

Where are you in all of this?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Made up my mind to make a new start // Going to California with an aching in my heart

And this is the room
One afternoon I knew I could love you
And from above you how I sank into your soul
Into that secret place where no one dares to go

This is how I feel.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Nation Under a Groove

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Recently,

Ashcan Rantings, she's in love with Parliament. Blender's in love with P-Funk. I'm in love with P Funk!

Everybody shake your booty down

Date night was wonderful!! God I would be so fat if I ate regularly like we ate last night. It almost killed me to leave such wonderful food on my plate. Good thing I have a man eater. And dead libido, dead! Double bonus! I appreciate a man who can buy me dinner while talking about how he doesn't understand men that are insecure with my age of women generally being the bread winners. Where did this guy come from? I'm one lucky lucky lady!

I can't wait for Hubs birthday to roll around. I work hard to always make his bday's fun. Beer can chicken club one year. Pinata full of plastic babies another year. Trash can full of cans of beer one year. Wait, those might have all been the same year. Ha! I have the sweetest present coming for him which I can't mention here bc he reads this but it's sweet. Like the 2 Coreys aren't sweet. That's how sweet it is.

It's certainly no vienna sausages in mac n' cheese though! ha! Got ya Bubs. For the world to see your nasty little snack secret! Maybe that should be the theme of this year's party though. Nasty dark secret snacks. And everyone has to bring a tray/bowl of them. And make a sign around their neck about a secret they have. ha. I wonder what my secret nasty snack would be? A toss up between Taco Bell's beef grilled stuffed burrito (I know) and graham crackers with laughing cow spreadable cheese and a sliver of that chocolate orange thing you get at Christmastime. Not so bad. I knew a guy who put cheese on his Oreo's. Secret Nasty Snacks! Cha!

I'm still thinking though a Bob Marley appreciation party. Everyone come in their best yarn dread wig. Red, yellow, and green stripes everywhere. It would be pretty easy to pull off. Jerk chicken. Not that I know how to make jerk chicken but I could figure it out. Lots and lots of greens. Ha just kidding. That's an illegal reference over there! hardy har

I've also always wanted to have a Tarts and Vicars party a la Bridget Jones and those crazy Brits but I think it would be hard to explain to people. Or maybe I just don't like the idea that much. I've always wanted to have a pirates n' wenches party too. Sexy pirates? Sexy wenches!

Jeez I better mark this on my calendar. September's already starting to fill up!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Untitled #359, 2000

Untitled still #153

Untitled Film Still #50. 1979.

Untitled (Cosmo Cover Girl), 1990-1991

Ok okay! Complaints noted! Less words, more pictures.

Cindy Sherman. above

Before the last revolving year is through

Too much buzzing around in my brain right now.

A quote I'm really digging, from an interview of Tori in the latest Joseph Campbell was always saying that the myths are always alive in us, but religion has repressed this. So the myth that we have been forced to adhere to is the Christian myth and where is the homosexuality in the Christian myth? And where -- for women -- is the woman who has her sexuality and has her spirituality in the Christian myth? The Gnostics believe that all this was in Christ’s teachings and yet, it got edited out when it was taken over by the patriarchy. So, therefore, mythology is something that we’re starving for. These are our stories -- this is in our DNA.

Been a lot of things lately, but I've been feeling pretty queer aware lately. Not much other way to put it. My libido is shot, for reasons not understood, so it's forcing me to go outside of myself, my comfort zone, so to speak. Seeing things differently. So now I'm getting back involved in my old church? I must be out of my mind. Last time, back in high school, I was a deacon. In the late 90's there was huge debate in letting outed or openly gay men and women be clergy. And I got to vote on that and represent my church in po-dunk Arkansas. That was really cool even though I didn't feel like I had much voice because I felt like the Presbytery had already always made their mind up. Maybe now that I'm older, don't need defending, it will be different. It was hard explaining my hesitation to come back to the church, not my church, but just the idea of it. It's hard to explain how much those things really mean when you need them but how valueless they become when you don't. Maybe not valueless, that reads awfully harsh. But they lose esteem. It becomes different.

Thomas Jefferson, Cindy Sherman. I'm piddling around and keep coming across the both of them. Like they're tied in my internet consciousness. I need to get a few more books. I need to go back. I still have this Nan Goldin book, from back in NYC. Do you remember that? Do you remember back that far? I was so alone in New York. So lonely. I wrote a ton of letters because I guess I didn't have a phone? Did I have a phone? I can't remember. The internet and email was still fairly out there (telnet, ha ha) and I was just completely out of touch. But I had Nan. Nan with her black eyes, drugged lovers sprawled out, gay friends' funerals. I have lugged this 100 lb book with me everywhere. It has really shaped me. And now I guess I need a 100 lb Cindy Sherman book to understand her, me better. I really used to think dressing up made me that different person. But I also used to put makeup on boys just to see how far they'd let me go. How a lion becomes a mouse.

This idea and how it applies. I am so attracted to the idea of Thomas Jefferson. The effeminate power is so different, handsome, sexy. The Velveteen Touch of a Dandy Fop, haha! But probably more that it's just so different. On the cover of said Out is Pete Wentz, who is adorable, but I don't really know his music, except that one song I really liked and Hubs hated so I could never play it. But he's on the cover stating "I am a fag." And I understand what he means. We're all the same. It really doesn't matter to me. I find it interesting though in a time when America is so called trying to get back to our roots, back to Mr. Jefferson, it's cool to call yourself a fag. It's cool to identify.

Let's hope it lasts. The best boys were the ones who could dance, wear makeup and tight clothes, not mind a quickie in the broom closet at JR's. (hahahahahahaha!!!) But they sure weren't the ones you take home to mother. And, as it turns out, that does actually matter. They were the bulging tough boys trying to be men. But they weren't gay. Not in my day. They weren't gay until they were miles and miles away, safe and sound in freedom.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let the boys grow in the trees

Oh dear.

My moma's birthday is tomorrow. Don't worry, I got her a gift and it will be delivered on time. I hope she likes it. She is kinda hard to buy for. Moma. She'll be 58 which seems incredibly young to me. Exactly 30 years my senior (and add a few months). I am always becoming my mother. Which is fine. I accept it, open arms, whatnotrot, but it's strange bc she's my moma. Not me. So that means I don't ever really get to be me. Which I am. I am very different in lots of ways from my mother. But not any that really matter when the pot's boiled down. Is this a good thing? Like I said, open arms. It's just a strange thing. To get older. Who am I?

So moma ages. You know my dad, my dearly beloved old dad, in some ways I'm closer to my dad than my mom but I still have no idea how old he is. 60-something? 62?63? I really have no idea and it's not like I'm going to start writing it down. My mom's birthday, I have to know bc well selfishly, it's easy to remember for some reason. But more than that, it's she I'm becoming. But my dad, my dad who I wish and actually try to be more like, mom's side always wins. I always end up being more like mom than dad. And in this, dad is second. He gets second place. He's not less important. He's just not mom.

I don't really know how I feel about this. Yes I do. I feel fine. I love my parents. I guess it's harder for me to think on them growing old and since my dad will always be older than my mom by some years, I just assume things. Those quiet, cobwebby things no one likes to talk about. So in pretending. Let's just not exist. I don't have to worry about it. And in not worrying about it, I can't even spare the brain room for it.

Ah it's weird. I should have taken more advantage of those times when I was just a girl hanging out with my parents. I should've fought less and listened more.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it right where you are?

Ahh Simpsons.

So we're very excited about Watchmen in my house. The trailer looks pretty awesome. You can watch it here. I think it's going to be fairly awesome. But has anyone noticed the trailer "theme" song is the Smashing Pumpkins theme song from one of the crappy Joel Schumacher Batman movies? Umm, obvious much? Or is it just bc I'm a nerd. There were 2 versions, fast and slow. It was called something like The End of the Beginning of The End or something similarly Billy Corgan-esque. I can't believe I just said that.

Hubs is out of town. boo!

High School Reunion. Finished and Kicked Ass. Thanks for asking. It looked really good. It rocked all night long. We had to kick people out and off the dance floor. It was really good to see people. Yada ya. I had a blast. But seriously, it went too fast and I'm glad it's over. Now moving on to the next event...

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm gonna rock n' roll all over your face

Fingers crossed: drumroll: REM in New Orleans in October!!!


My dear Hubs really does love me! Let's hope it works out.


I need to work out and get my day started and I can't because sir prize! workmen to fix my door come at 7:30am unannounced! Day off work my foot!


This is truly badical! Wish I could go but will settle for a framed and matted print in my dining room! yeeow!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

with a stroke, beauty lives, how could I resist

More painters/paintings I love. Whatever. I'm in love!

All by Ian Hokin (you will just have to go to the link bc I can't make a jpeg work up in here but if I could, I would most definitely post the one of the teddy bear in the speedo. Or maybe the penis (but I'm just kinda phallo-centric right about this point in the day anyway).

Speaking of, SamRex, whereforartthou, dude?


Does someone want to come rebuild our front door. The boarded up look just still isn't working for me.


My bed time is SO 9:30!

When I shake my pants, you know I'm dressed to kill

Once again Cameo RULZ!

Shake Your Pants is my new fav funk song. Close second, Funkula, a sweet ass song by band unknown. P-Funk All Stars have a Count Funkula but seriously, not the same thing.

Today is a great day. I look good. Good hair day. Blowing bubblegum bubbles. I have off work tomorrow. Our reunion is all paid up and way then some (anyone say cash prizes?! woo!) and I am getting toned as a mother!

Ralph Macchio beware! I can do that crane stance for hours (although it's totally a bitch on my hip flexors but hey! who's complaining?!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

baby baby baby I got the feelin'

Movies I've seen lately (and oh how they mostly blow):

The Illusionist -- (I'm a period costume nut) but other than that, only ok.

Into the Wild -- the book was amazing. The sister narrator sucked. Droning on and on. Emile what's his name was perfect. Where he's stomping around the ground, "Where are all you animals now? I'm so fucking hungry!" made me cry. That poor, foolish, naive boy.

There Will Be Blood -- AWFUL TOTALLY F-ing Terrible except the first, what, 15 mins before the talking and again at the last, what, 15 mins? The turn? Where HW comes back as a man. Beautiful scene. Also made me cry. Where Daniel and Eli are in the bowling alley? GENIUS! What an amazing scene. Completely saddens me that PT Anderson can't get over himself to make the whole movie real like that. What a talent that Daniel Day Lewis. And the score. I completely appreciate the music but there were MANY times when I couldn't even hear what they were saying for the freakin' score being so loud. At what point is any music more important than Daniel Day Lewis? hmmm?

Idiocracy -- pretty funny. I watched it with little brain power but lots of antibiotics power!

Descent -- not The Descent which is a wicked good scary ghoulies in the cave movie, but this one has Rosario Dawson in it. She's a coed rape victim. It's rated NC 17. It's extremely violent. I'm not really a better person for seeing it. Leaving this one up to you.

We got our tv and cable and yada ya set back up. So our rampage through Netflix on the laptop has come to an end. So has book reading. Sorry books! but tv came home!

You're a shining star, no matter who you are

First of all, I miss you.

Secondly, last night was such fun. Despite feeling like big poopy, it was so great seeing everyone getting ready for our reunion. The committee is all friends that I was closer to in high school than now, or vice versa, but we're all a fun bunch. I really hope we can continue to get together or at least run into each other. It makes me think I'm glad I'm getting involved with youth home. Because that's what I really need! More to do! haha.

Anyway the final planning was lots of fun.

Thirdly, I'm about done with the Xanax. Lord knows I don't abuse it. I sure easily could because the sleep is divine. And I've been needing it lately with all this pain and no sleep waking up at 3am hurting. But my dream last night really just crossed the line. In ways that makes even me uncomfortable talking about it. The format was pretty funny though. I was a G.I. Joe fighting Cobra command. And I had a hostage. And then it got freaky. And, well, dreams are just that. But, it's like, you know. I used to get sick like this all the time in college bc of the holding on, and I didn't care about myself really. Now I really do though. I understand the need for slowing my life down when I don't feel well. Letting myself heal. Sometimes I still feel the need to apologize for that behavior then. This dream pushed me there.

Also my yogi dude's next challenge is pushing me there. Get this: Can you accept abundance? That's our most recent challenge. I'm still trying to read auras and shit. I think this sickness is part of the letting go. Accepting my abundance.

Lastly, we'll see.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I got 5 on it

Sweet so you know how I said I wasn't feeling good? And haven't felt good for the past month or 3 weeks?

Enter Bladder Infection! That's so F-ING AWESOME!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Online scrabble lunch break

My uterus, right about NOW!

Ok so today was one of many that I had to actually use my lunch break for good not online scrabble evil. I missed it!

Anyway I've been asked to beta test an official EA Games Scrabble game for Facebook. As those who read this know I am completely and utterly addicted to Scrabulous the other, first, ??? Facebook word tiles game. But lately Scrabulous has been sucking it up big time and it's always flawed and messed up and was really getting on my nerves.

Enter beta test! Woo! I've always wanted to beta test something. I'll tell you it's not that easy. The invite process is all weird and I'm trying to play but there's no one to play with (except my new Scrabble friend, go read her blog it's awesome) and that's pretty annoying as I like to have a couple of games going at all times. But you know, whatevs.

The game format itself is good. Easy and big to read. It's getting hung up on stuff quite a bit but I think that's because it's still in testing AND there's been some easy words it won't recognize which is always a bummer but you know. When it hits I think there will be a ton of people on it and it will get really popular. I'll definitely play Scrabble but I'll also still play Scrabulous bc I'm a sucker for wasting time on silly things like words.

So in the vein of stealing, I present plushie guts!

Gabrielle, I put you above everything

Oh how I love walking into trouble first thing at work Monday morning. I'm already about done working for today and it's only 9:30am! I love it when some other huge company makes my life difficult! Customer service? No thanks! None for me today!


I have 99 problems this week and a high school reunion this weekend! Who says a bitch ain't one? ha!

So Ween played Fayetteville again Saturday night. We apparently missed one hell of a show but you know what can you do. We've been on the road too much. 2 of Hubs's friends went with Hubs's brother. Quote one friend: I was almost drunk enough to mistake your brother for you! haha. Nice.

Anyway again. I'm sick. I'm tired. But all in all, I have a pretty sweet life.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Anytime, anyway

Phrases floating around in my mind:

hidden among every curve,
a piece of chocolate, lotus petal,
some swatch of silk,
mother of pearl,
mother of god,

loving spoonful arms, I fell in love with a girl.

Had things been different, [I could not be] Magellan, De Soto, or Cortes, she him him me me her and the other two as well. Collected like. Honeybee hives. Bell jar sorts. Mountain goat eyes.

I know what it feels like to be seen right on through. It was not a thing I could do but keep him around,
worthless, shifty, lazy, ridiculous,
but still, hers. I hung on him because Well, we all understand why.

Such jealous beasts at playground love. Still. then.

I came inside and hid there while she tried on my shoes, two sizes too large. It never dissolved. She still knows.

I read my baby cuz Madeline "Horton Hears a Who" while we were at the beach putting on my best performance "Harumph Harumph Harumph" if I might add. Note to self: best performance is exhausting.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Ruff, So Tuff

Awwww yea!

The beach was wonderful. Some of the most fun I've had in a long time. I really dig my family, extended and all. We know how to get down and act like a bunch of 10 year olds! haha Eventually I'll have some pictures to share. Until then, sit back, close your eyes, and imagine sea oats.

Anyway so we got back yesterday and today have to go do it all again at Wild River Country for Husband's company picnic. He was volunteered to run the bingo parlor and I'm coming to soak up some more rays! It should be fun and good BBQ so you know we'll be there!

Getting your stuff stolen completely sucks. The insurance won't pay the full coverage price until you send them in a receipt after you've bought the replacement item. They only give you market value which is a lot less and crappy. If you didn't hear me the 1st time, don't get broken into. So that makes us broke jokes. We ain't got NO monies until Tuesday payday which means we'll be making a cheap weekend of black beans and back porches!

Fine by me!

Anyway it's been really good to be in such good touch with people lately. Bdog and Sweet Pee have been making my days that much sweeter! Frankles, now it's your turn.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

And my Heaven will be a Big Heaven, and I will walk through the Front Door

Big Time!

Beach sandy beach beach beach, here I come!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

AHHH The Gods have heard my pleas!

I completely forgot, Morris Day and the Time ARE COMING TO ARKANSAS!!


He's so old! And he's playing a short distance away at wonder theme land, Magic Springs! hahahahahaha

Jebus the world is full of such wonder! hahaha

Good grief could I get any busier at work?

We're being taken for a ride, again.

Who has the time? ET!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

They forgot to mention Willie Nelson!

I just finished the series Y: The Last Man. I think I've posted my favorite cover but I'm not sure. For our wedding present Buddy Matt gave us the first couple of books and Husband and I were immediately hooked. The story is riviting (there's a gendercide plague that attacks the world and all men and male mammals are killed except Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand). The drawings are phenominal and I've just really become attached to these characters over the, what, how ever long I've been married, what, year and a half, to them.

And this ain't your daddy's comic. Unless your dad's comic had sadomasochistic sex in it (to get over survivor's guilt), this blow your mind theory on a top scientific conspiracy, a panel where you watch a woman cut her own breast off (to join the Daughter's of the Amazon, naturally), lots of lesbians (there aren't any men), clones (there aren't any men!), and some penises (sorry but, you know)! There's this amazing scene where the surviving women have made the Washington Monument into a tribute to all the men lost, and 2 girls are sitting there talking about how there's no more Bowie, Dylan, U2, Rolling Stones, Elton, Beck, Kanye, on and on and how lost they all are, and sad, and not for the obvious! The pathos (and, well, bathos) should be enough to make you buy it out of curiosity at least.

Anyway it's hilarious and suspenseful. The guy who wrote the series is now a writer for Lost. I just read the last book and was doing okay and then there's this scene at the end between Yorick and Ampersand and I just lost it. Lying in bed there with Hubs I just completely came unraveled and started bawling. Granted it's been that kind of week (thanks friends for coming over all weekend and cheering up our mojo) but it was such a powerful moment in the story.

Anyway if we hadn't already loaned them out to friend after friend I'd let you borrow them. Highly acclaimed, lauded internationally, you really should check it out.

Now we're starting a new series, Kick-Ass in which a 12 year old boy living in the real world decides to become a super hero. It's getting rave reviews right now so I'm pretty excited about it.