Wednesday, July 16, 2008

baby baby baby I got the feelin'

Movies I've seen lately (and oh how they mostly blow):

The Illusionist -- (I'm a period costume nut) but other than that, only ok.

Into the Wild -- the book was amazing. The sister narrator sucked. Droning on and on. Emile what's his name was perfect. Where he's stomping around the ground, "Where are all you animals now? I'm so fucking hungry!" made me cry. That poor, foolish, naive boy.

There Will Be Blood -- AWFUL TOTALLY F-ing Terrible except the first, what, 15 mins before the talking and again at the last, what, 15 mins? The turn? Where HW comes back as a man. Beautiful scene. Also made me cry. Where Daniel and Eli are in the bowling alley? GENIUS! What an amazing scene. Completely saddens me that PT Anderson can't get over himself to make the whole movie real like that. What a talent that Daniel Day Lewis. And the score. I completely appreciate the music but there were MANY times when I couldn't even hear what they were saying for the freakin' score being so loud. At what point is any music more important than Daniel Day Lewis? hmmm?

Idiocracy -- pretty funny. I watched it with little brain power but lots of antibiotics power!

Descent -- not The Descent which is a wicked good scary ghoulies in the cave movie, but this one has Rosario Dawson in it. She's a coed rape victim. It's rated NC 17. It's extremely violent. I'm not really a better person for seeing it. Leaving this one up to you.

We got our tv and cable and yada ya set back up. So our rampage through Netflix on the laptop has come to an end. So has book reading. Sorry books! but tv came home!


Jenn said...

I really liked The Illusionist. Then again, I'm a big fan of Edward Norton. Ew, except for the newest Hulk movie. Bleh!

Sully said...

Ok maybe I'm being a little hard on ole Ed bc he is SUPER HOTT and so is Jessica Biel. And I really like Paul Giamatti, but it just seemed a bit lacking to me.

I sound like a big critic and snooty. Not the case, I'm just not a movie girl. I really should just stick to comic books.