Wednesday, February 28, 2007

karma chameleon

Let me tell you about my husband, the other Zack Galafinakis.

He's awesome! (even if he isn't really Zack Galafinakis).

I'm at work so I must be quick about things:

He beats the bosses of Zelda for me so I can go around collecting bugs and poes. (po pos)

Grump grump Schmump

We invent words and songs together to sing to our dog and cat children.

He doesn't mind when I'm rolling with the homies, or crashing on their couches.

He likes the art I like. And he likes to buy me art with skulls.

Man got skillz! He pays billz!

We're always introducing each other to things in the world that we know each other would like to often find we're already big fans and have been meaning to tell each other (see Tim and Eric, ATHF, Family Guy, MC Chris, 9/11 jokes, Pj Pants)

He loves me long time!