Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm not the kinda girl who gives up just like that, oh noo

This is awesome! Come to LR! Love us!

Husband and I are setting up for our favorite event of the Fall (oh Fall, how I love you and your Fall clothes!!): Horror Movie Thon!!


Starts with this: (Warning, totally gross and really only meant for Barrett's consumption)---

i pay for you with tears, and swallow all my pride

Here's our trip in a nutshell. We very much took the "No Pressure, No Problems," mantra very seriously thanks to Rasta Charlie (note Husband's rasta necklace, giggle giggle). But really folks, have you ever tried to take pictures underwater with a mask on and a current? It's really kinda hard!

Haha just kidding. This is actually what happened when we ran into a shark:

owl V. dove

Oh so much to say. First, my darling co-worker is a huge DMB fan and is going to see him at the concert tonight. She just turned 25. Although I believe myself when I say I never want to repeat my 20s, I am a little jealous. 25 was like the best time of my life.

This weekend we are headed to inaugurate Anne and Nick's son into our biannual trout fishing camp weekend. The girls cook and make mojitos. The boys fish. There's some bike riding and frisbee throwing involved. It's all and all, a really good time.

I'm very looking forward to it. This week is already a productive one and that makes me smile. House is cleaned. Laundry done. Re-perfected my buttermilk biscuit recipe last night. Try to make Hubs happy. Fun times with reading The Color Purple. Such a good book. I knew Alice Walker would get me just as well as Toni Morrison. I just didn't know how well.

So St Lucia was wonderful. After flying a billion miles and hours, we land in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and lunch at the beautiful Ritz Carlton on Isla Verde. We only have a few hours so we take a long lunch, a few drinks, some beach air then back on the plane to arrive to champagne and new friends in St Lucia.

We had access to the most beautiful beach, gardens, and ocean I have ever seen. I will post pics soon for those who haven't already seen them on FB.

We decided on St Lucia for the diving there and were never disappointed. We dove and swam next to leatherbacks (sea turtles), played with puffer fish (hilarious albeit a bit scary since they are poisonous), swam among thousand year old coral reefs, squid that wouldn't ink, night dove into a world of conch, moray eels and sea snakes, prehistorically sized crab and spiny lobster (Caribbean lobster), as well as the terrifying finale of navigating a mine field of very large, very poisonous and painful if touched, sea urchin (all the monsters come out to play at night), armed only with an underwater torch.

It was then I decided that while I'm young, I will only take trips where we can dive. I have never been so free. It feels like flying on the moon and there's only you and there's nothing else.

The only thing I missed was an octopus. But I'll find mine one day. It's my only diving goal. Maybe if I'd had a rhinestone bluefin to reel him in as bait...

Monday, September 28, 2009

i remember thinking

Dinners this week:

-Rosemary and hot pepper cornbread with bean and beef chili. (There will be leftovers).

-Hot Hungarian paprika and Greek yogurt soaked chicken, Tandoori style with sauteed Swiss chard.

-Steak and loose fried okra with small side of green beans.

We went to the CAFM Saturday and stocked up. I can't wait to get to cooking on this foodie!

can they feel my heart beating like a hammer?

Also it's the first day for Lotto in Arkansas. Hubs and I are definitely getting some scratch offs after getting groceries and cleaning house tonight. What'll it be? You're a winner!

i tremble, they're gonna eat me alive

This weekend was: homemade pesto and scallops, picking paint colors and looking at tile, chili cookoff and some beers, and watching Choke, Immortal Beloved, Quarantine, and Severance. All excellent movies. It was a very good weekend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

you're an angel, I can see it in your eyes

Yes, this is a real Asian toy. Note the smiley child face in the corner! Yesssss!?

Monday, September 21, 2009

the boss is reaching up to you

Just got back from St Lucia late Friday night. Back to work today. Won't be many updates for a bit while I get back to off island time. Hey, no pressure, no problems!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

you are the everything

I had to get married to get health insurance bc I followed much needed medical advice, took meds I needed at the time, later was in a car wreck that tore my ACL. I am a woman of child bearing age. I have been denied personal medical insurance 5+ times (why did I even keep applying) because of pre-existing medical conditions. What happens to me if something happens to my Husband?

I need a public option. Now.

Like water on the freeze

Woah. That last post was my 666th post. I must post something just to get that devil curse off my back!

I know a woman with whom I conspire

This is hilariously ignorant.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shock to the heart!

Barrett, this is completely for you. I really can't wait (to puke!).

Also I heart Michael Cera. I'm completely aware this is not unique. I love when his alter ego says, "Thanks for breakfast." dink! What a lover.