Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So i just totally barely missed having my glasses knocked off, eye lid scratched a la Ralphie in a You'll Shoot Your Eye Out moment when up on returning from coffee I pause to look and smile at the grey terribly butt ass cold day outside and BLAMMO! an icicle falls from the edge of the overhang. Whoops.

So I salute you, coffee guy. Have you ever had those instances where you fight something and fight something and fight something for so long that it starts to not matter anymore. We have our health, we have our wealth, what more does it matter? But I think, even if it might kill me, if I'm smiling on the inside, that'll be the last time you'll see me smile. It's enough that I felt truly happy for you one time. Don't push it.

Snack break! Who loves a brownie?

And to the skank who came in apprently only to tell me I shouldn't wear orange and red together, your mother's a whure. Yes, you heard me. My orange and red rocks, thanksmuch. Slut.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

i love my trumpet

So I got married, I'm selling my business, I'm working my brain way overtime, we're setting our home up (it's kick ass) but also looking to the future, (all this work, what's then the point?) and I'm trying to fashion on a new career for myself. It's good times but my dreams won't let me go. And they're weird. And they involve people and places I don't want to go visit again or have never visited. Last night, I was being driven by an old boyfriend's little brother in a brand new HUGE shiny copper colored (my guest bathroom that i'm working on currently) Winnebago (supposed to represent how I feel about myself, bright shiny new and huge apparently). And we are all over the road. And he's driving me and all my wedding party girls. And he's swerving and we lose a few girls who get run over, (sorry Amy) but they're fine and we're partying, looking good, having a blast, then I keep seeing him and I'm instantly so angry at him (bc in my dream flashback he's been caught lying to me)(it's been a while, SL, let's let it go now) but I can't and it's his brother that's driving! Life's a bitch! And it's supposed to represent, the whole dream bc I'm "intuitive" that I'm headed in a good new direction and this person reappearing is actually NOT a person I have unfinished business with (sorry AJ) but aspects of my own personality I'm unhappy with. I was unhappy then and still have some of those traits from that time. When I move beyond that behavior/feelings/emoticons, then I'll quit the dreams. And go back to magic carpet flying dreams. I had one of those once, as a kid. It was unbelieveable.

So where to start

Friday, January 12, 2007

new sensation

Fingers crossed Fingers crossed. Hey if I got the Jehovah's regulars on my side, what could I possibly lack-a-tack?

So if this is the way it's supposed to be and person, you know who you are, keeps acting the fool and hiding down at the coffee shop, again shame shame you're middle aged!, then I think I could actually find myself in the free and clear and no chains no misery no hating the quotidienne. Wow. What a change indeed. And maybe that's why I'm enjoying such mundane tasks lately. Bookkeeping really is for me! Filing! Bill Paying! I think I could enjoy being a regular ole office manager.Get a lunch break, finally. Get gossip by the water cooler. Get a schedule and to hell with you I've got vacation time coming. People I tell this to think I'm crazy, wanting to try out such a dull avenue, and I could very very well be very very wrong. But for now, it's the light at the end of mytunnel. That I could end up with a desk job.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

go and follow your cute little pussycat nose

I love being married!! Chris gives me this new sense of self-confidence I haven't felt before. Upon wearing a very short -for me- baby doll dress and knee socks, soo cute! Q: Is this skirt too short? A: No, not too short. I don't think it's too short at all.

We just returned from
new york where we honeymooned and celebrated our 1 week anniversary with our friends Brenticus and Sarah. We're trying to inventory wedding gifts, write thank you notes, see our friends again, start exercising again, and getting ready to paint the kitchen!!! What a life. I'll gladly take it. It was so good to see everyone at the wedding. I wish there were a way to go back and do it again. Maybe in 10 years. Hell, maybe in 5!!!