Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So i just totally barely missed having my glasses knocked off, eye lid scratched a la Ralphie in a You'll Shoot Your Eye Out moment when up on returning from coffee I pause to look and smile at the grey terribly butt ass cold day outside and BLAMMO! an icicle falls from the edge of the overhang. Whoops.

So I salute you, coffee guy. Have you ever had those instances where you fight something and fight something and fight something for so long that it starts to not matter anymore. We have our health, we have our wealth, what more does it matter? But I think, even if it might kill me, if I'm smiling on the inside, that'll be the last time you'll see me smile. It's enough that I felt truly happy for you one time. Don't push it.

Snack break! Who loves a brownie?

And to the skank who came in apprently only to tell me I shouldn't wear orange and red together, your mother's a whure. Yes, you heard me. My orange and red rocks, thanksmuch. Slut.


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