Friday, August 28, 2009

the moma dance

It's the first 3 frames of movies. There are a few boobies on the second page. Some grody tongue kissing on the third. Pretty fun though!

beautiful inside my head forever

Are you as obsessed with Damien Hirst as I am??

Own your own Happiness! You control your destiny (and pocketbook!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Technicolor dreams are all I see

I present to you, MEATWATER!

Please someone go to one of these events and mail me a bottle. I need to know. Apparently I need to vomit too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

gimme little drink from your lovin' cup!

Oh dear friends. I can't wait to wrap my lovin' spoonful arms all around you this weekend. Thank you, Husband, for turning 30 and letting me throw you a party and you wanting that party to be a giant shrimp boil. I love you all so much.

who could ever say you're not simply wonderful?

Want to know who you really meet in heaven, Su-Lauren?

No, after the parade.

No, after the break dancing and hula-hooping.

No, Su-Lauren, after you meet the good souls who invented rainy nights and "sleeping in."

Everyone. You're simply adored.

No hurry, though -
The Universe

Friday, August 21, 2009

le mew, le purr

Dinosaurs rule! Husband, this link's for you!

No fair Quentin, I coined M. Night Shamalamadingdong!

And then in other news, just as I was falling in love with Megan Wants a Millionaire, a contestant murders his wife and the show gets yanked. Google it or something. Best response I've heard about it all so far: The comeback show should be called Megan Doesn't Want a Murderer!

the powers that be that force us to live like we do bring my to my knees

This is completely my mood today. I just want

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I heard the news today, oh boy

Awesome kid. Keep it up.

Husband, maybe a date night sometime soon, HERE!!!!???

Went to the dentist yesterday. Teeth are perfect. Thanks not mom and dad's genetics!

Going to the eye doctor today. Eyes are legally blind. Thanks mom and dad's genetics!

Took my last birth control pill today. After eleven straight years, I'm very nervous to know what it's like to live hormone free.

Could be worse I guess. I could be required by my obedience to style to wear leather gloves with a summer dress. Is that a summer look? Winter? Confused by forced coolness.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

just cause the desert likes young girls' flesh and

Also one of these days Prada Marfa, before you fold back into the earth, melted, you will be mine. You will be.

Prada Marfa

Prada Marfa

Prada Marfa

All links are different, note to self.

Although now that I actually look at the map, Valentine, TX (the closer actual location of Prada Marfa) is really, scarily close to Juarez, Mexico. And Juarez is no place for a woman to go.

and is it true, that devils end up like you

This is so beautiful. I just want to look at them all day long.

Ha ha ha. I hate PETA.

Advocacy Group Decries PETA's Inhumane Treatment Of Women

Ha ha. Glue Traps Hurt!

And then there's this. Start at the 1:37 mark and finish. That jacket is so...fab?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Wouldn't it be nice?

This is awesome. Chock-a-block full of celebrities. I wish I were a celebrity who could then do meaningless videos like this in my free time and not have to worry about health insurance.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

alright now, alright now

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA this is just what I needed to get motivated to get back to work.

And this highly questionable piece of fitness:

And then this guy totally isn't joking.

It's amazing

Yes, Su-Lauren, you can have whatever you want. ANYTHING you can imagine. You name it. It's yours. Done deal. Zip, zap. Bing, bong. Ka-pow.

Oh, but you have to go get it. K?

I'll help,
The Universe

Have to take the boy pets to the vet today. So hot lately. Sorry, my iced tea fix hasn't yet kicked in.

Friday, August 7, 2009

ha HA

So the old man that cussed me and my mom out because he didn't believe what I was telling him? Yeah. He called back. He was wrong. Humble Pie's a batch yo!

And then the Universe sends me this?!?!

Good? Bad? Grood?

oh my Zeus

ZOMG guys! Last night was awesome with Rocky and all the ladies and babies. Then porch time was even better. I love my Rocky. 4 life!

Anyway real quick before I get the meat off this bone: Awesome. Great Job!

IN OTHER NEWS: You know that one person that will always be your mortal enemy? You try and grow up and out of it but they will always try and just try to get at you. A splinter under the fingernail kind of thing? Anyway there is this girl. I met her in college. Long story short, I was funnier and prettier. And all that is only to say because she made herself uglier by comparison. She tried to make my life hell and mostly succeeded.

Anyway every time she comes up, not often but randomly, I have to think. You know. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was too hard on her. Maybe she wasn't the pompous beast that I remembered her to be. I mean memory is a mean thing. It plays tricks on you, easily.

But do I remember correctly? Yes, every time. Case in point, an email:

Hi Sully,

no, it's not immature to still be a hater... check out this short email...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: XXX
Date: Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 8:44 AM
Subject: Re:


Of course I remember you. Cool that we showed up in the same magazine. I am thinking that Claire saw your work at the gallery in Brown and that's how you became involved? I first met Claire because we published her chapbook last winter. She's great, so I was really excited to write a piece for her.

The world just keeps on getting smaller, that's for sure. I am amazed at the intricate connections, esp. after running a reading series/small press in NYC. Since I'm also doing a lot of music features writing it is weird to see all these different worlds overlap.

I seethe. She's so full of herself it's redic. Yes it's official. I am a hater.

And my coworker just stole my only Coke Zero. And a guy just cussed out me and my mother on the phone. Is the universe trying to tell me something? I think, secretly, it's agreeing with me re: see above. TGIF for reals.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

somebody told me 'bout your plans to leave me

Oh MG. The brown leather gold grommet MISTER bag. Holy wow.

"If you don't get a move on that body, I'll be forced to give you a ticket!"
-No Parking Baby, No Parking on the Dancefloor

Yes, it's going to be that kind of day. Iced tea, funk music, twitchy leg, working kind of day.

Rocky's here!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

girl I got a condo in Hoboken

Been to the max lately.

Dyed my hair (red) last night. Had hurt my back. Had gotten better. Took too long to shake the medicine shakes. Been super busy at work. Super busy at play. Planning Husband's 30th Birthday party in less than a month. Need to make a giant shrimp pinata. Trying to have girl time. Trying to see everyone's baby. Trying to get ready for St. Lucia. Did you know Dita Von Teese is a natural blonde? Moma is in Russia with these juicy tidbits: "2good sayings fr old Russia--we pretend to work, because u pretend to pay us! Hmmm! The other -the only free cheese is in the mousetrap!! Of course , u prob do not know about commodity cheese!!ha. Luv u!" Mom forgets I dated A, king of all government Indian nation cheese. Now that hair is red again, it curls! Also trimmed my ducktail off the back. Who's Loving You by the Jackson 5 is a new favorite of mine. Husband has traded in AM CNN and Today show for Saved by the Bell. Somehow, I don't mind. I figure if SBTB is still on, the world is still intact. The only reason I watch AM news anyway. We bought Mario Kart for our Wii. It's amazingly fun. Some of the tracks I remember watching the guys play in college.

Back to it. I miss and love you all!