Friday, August 7, 2009

oh my Zeus

ZOMG guys! Last night was awesome with Rocky and all the ladies and babies. Then porch time was even better. I love my Rocky. 4 life!

Anyway real quick before I get the meat off this bone: Awesome. Great Job!

IN OTHER NEWS: You know that one person that will always be your mortal enemy? You try and grow up and out of it but they will always try and just try to get at you. A splinter under the fingernail kind of thing? Anyway there is this girl. I met her in college. Long story short, I was funnier and prettier. And all that is only to say because she made herself uglier by comparison. She tried to make my life hell and mostly succeeded.

Anyway every time she comes up, not often but randomly, I have to think. You know. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was too hard on her. Maybe she wasn't the pompous beast that I remembered her to be. I mean memory is a mean thing. It plays tricks on you, easily.

But do I remember correctly? Yes, every time. Case in point, an email:

Hi Sully,

no, it's not immature to still be a hater... check out this short email...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: XXX
Date: Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 8:44 AM
Subject: Re:


Of course I remember you. Cool that we showed up in the same magazine. I am thinking that Claire saw your work at the gallery in Brown and that's how you became involved? I first met Claire because we published her chapbook last winter. She's great, so I was really excited to write a piece for her.

The world just keeps on getting smaller, that's for sure. I am amazed at the intricate connections, esp. after running a reading series/small press in NYC. Since I'm also doing a lot of music features writing it is weird to see all these different worlds overlap.

I seethe. She's so full of herself it's redic. Yes it's official. I am a hater.

And my coworker just stole my only Coke Zero. And a guy just cussed out me and my mother on the phone. Is the universe trying to tell me something? I think, secretly, it's agreeing with me re: see above. TGIF for reals.

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Sweet Pee said...

Sulls, I have an inkling...but spill!

I'm so jelly about last night. WIsh I coulda been there. Love you.