Monday, July 16, 2007

long time gone

Being on vacation, not working, sleeping all the time and running errands. It's the boringest of the bores, but oh friends, what an appropriate time. The season may be past for Rumspringa but we're not telling.

Husband goes back to work and I'll miss him. Spending time closing off utilities and soaking up sun. I can't make myself get away from my backyard. Must soak in all it's got left.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

chariots of fire

Hubs got the new Ween ep. Super super fun gay. I can't wait.

Oh my, being on vacation is awesome. I mean truly wonderful. I have been packing, running errands, sunning, gardening, sleeping until 10 every morning but still going to bed by midnight!!, drink a glass of wine, catch up on all my reading (the Marie Antoinette book is actually very good! Under the Banner of Heaven is next, God loves a crazy Mormon!!) and I love having time to read, and having time to catch up on all my Planet Earth's, see new friends (Amber's back in town!), show the house and keep it clean (it's a wreck now from packing and pure Idon'tgiveashit), we had a wonderfully HUGE family 4th of July weekend, CHRIS GOT HIS JOB!! His Dream Job of sorts!! I can sit up in the mornings, drink my iced coffee, bring in herbs and tomatoes, plan dinner, pet the animals, it's just perfect.

Now if someone will PLEASE buy our house. Everything has fallen into place. Thanks H to the Izzo, V to the Izza for being so wicked cool. We'll have a goat sacrifice this weekend. Chris' 10 year reunion coming up! Bound to be interesting!