Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love myself better than You

OOOOhhhh Subway veggie sub. I know I shouldn't love you as much as I do but you are sooooo good!!!!

This is also pretty good. Mustaches for those who can't commit (or don't want to permanently look like an out of work porn star).

And this I don't even get. Not in the least bit. But I kindof like the colors. Kindof.

My veggie sub is over. I'm so saddened by this!

Also I don't like Lady Gaga (except some small bits and pieces of her songs are enjoyable. Like so small they barely count as beats. But anyhoo.) but I DO LIKE how she's willing to make herself look terrible for her style. That, to me, is pretty cool. I mean that hair is AWESOME! I would love to rock hair like that one night. Just ugly and intentional. But you know. I'm vain so that won't ever be happening until my 1930's silken bed-romp Great Gatsby style party comes along. One of these years...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

put the pedal to the medal

My Lady Gonads Holubowitz-Darnell, this link's for you.

Birds: 1, Toddlers: 0

Rock me Amadeus

This is my dress for the wedding this weekend of my brother-in-law and his dear bride.

I'm so excited because the wedding colors are a soft lavender and I'm doing a reading so I think the soft yellow will be nice next to the soft purple tones.

So excited! I love weddings! It means dancing!

I'm such a Herbie Hancock fan. Latest love song: Wiggle-Waggle.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Coming out your A#* like a sorceress

This is pretty funny. And we all know Donatello as a painter. He painted that one thing...

Patrick, dearest brother-in-law about to be married this weekend, this one's for you.

shining bright to see what you could truly be

Much better now. Chicken tikki marsala better. Thanks Hubs.

I sense something divine in you

No so tired now. Not so sad either.

sweeter than candy

Tired and sad today. Drinking lots of coffee.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ohh here I am baby!

Oooh Oooh Oohh!!!

Oh and My Name is Earl was canceled. I'm not that sad.

snow falls, and it passes // you will sleep again

I really like the Trey Anastasio album, Shine. So much I may just go buy it at lunch. With who knows what. I need new music badly.

Fun Friday Links!! Woo! Long Weekend, here I come!

Because Breakfast is my favorite meal, most of the time, why make it end? EVAR?!

(I'm totally buying some of those bacon and egg band-aids! ding!)

Also, Husband is totally against me having any trashy yard "art" in my garden. But I bet he'd let me have these guys...

Also Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store is one of my favorite places to shop of all time. The kind of place that makes me think I could work retail again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

ahoy ye scurvy dogs!

Bc Hubs knows just how much of a beating I've been taking this week, he rented us a boat for the lake on Saturday!!!! I'm so excited!!!

I'm going to soak up all that Vitamin D and then some! It's good for you!

Ahhh I can hardly wait.

And I want this necklace. Make it work!

sipping on a tall boy, sitting in the tall grass

I'll admit, I like Widespread Panic. Sometimes.

So last night we went to a presentation by Dave Eggers at the Clinton School of Public Service. He talked alot about 826 National and it was really amazing. He's funny and quite personable, which you would think to expect. Then at the book signing afterwards, we were towards the front of the line and talked to him about 10 minutes on such subjects as taxidermy, hummus, starting an 826 in Little Rock, and on and on and THEN Husband interjected, so wisely, so wisely, that my BFF little brother has just been published in the last Best of Non-Required Reading and he had written the zombie story. His name is Jake. To which, Dave Eggers replied, "Jake, no shit!"


He went on talking about how he remembers Jake from all his McSweeny's posts and the anthology and how although he'd never met him, of course, he was really interested in Jake's style. He said something to the effect of "He's a really interesting writer. So funny and dark. How do you know him?"

I told him we went to University of Arkansas together and he had introduced me to the world of McSweeny's. He was very excited about this! He then asked me what he was doing right now, where he was working, etc. It was awesome!!!!!

Moral of the story, Jake run dash call right away! Dave Eggers is waiting to give you a jobby job, or something!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it's part of the sunshine

It's official.

I can't stand Bob Dylan, except Lay Lady Lay is the most amazing song.

I can't stand The Grateful Dead, except Touch of Gray is the most amazing song.

I can't stand Lady GaGa. She doesn't have any amazing songs.

I so need this long weekend. If it rains

I am really interested in the new Green Day album. I like the first single and want to hear more. The new Jason Lytle album is pretty good too (not too much waste) and the Tori album is TBA. I haven't burned it to disc yet. We'll see.

birds of a feather are flocking outside

Go to my Twitter, see link around here somewhere, and watch this awesome video of this guy doing this crazy flip off an exercise ball. Or, if you don't want to be my friend, and make me the most followed Twitter-er since sliced bread, then look at the link here, losers!

I could seriously sit and watch this all day, Chrissy.

from wall to wall

Ugh, I don't know what. Must be my monthly. Ugh. God I hate how that's an excuse. I'm sensitive. Exhausted. Emotional. My dreams are wack. I was told by a customer that I look like I party. WTF? I am dressed really well today. Hair looks good. Makeup good. Makeup even on is amazing considering how I feel. I need hugs, not drugs.

But I guess it's ok because I've come to work and the (happy) Beatles are all over my Pandora, I've been able to provide everything that's been asked of me (in my job), Husband wants to play Scrabble with me, and I have a really badass free hair appointment today at lunch. So that will cut up the day nicely.

Ugh I just want to crawl into my snail shell. These physical feelings are indescribable.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I must inquire Wilson, Can you still have fun?!

This is baby Cruz (Spanish for Cross), Ambler's bundle of hijinks. He's sitting in the Bumbo his Auntie Sully gave him! Isn't he a crack up!?!

His very cool Mommy likes to give him Rock N Rolla hair cuts. I love it!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

watching people have a good time

I had to pay this forward. Thanks LameLiar!!!

These are one of the sexiest dainties I've ever seen. Beautiful. I just want to rub them all over!

Not much else to speak of. This weekend was a blast. We had Don's 70th birthday, my BFF's dad, on Friday and we love hanging out with them. Those old people know how to throw a party! Then Saturday was Franke's 30th birthday party and whew! I didn't get home until about 3:45AM!!!! It was the most fun I've had in a long time!

Long Weekend coming up and camping for Ben's birthday! Then thusly, short work week next week and Brother-In-Law's wedding! yeehaw!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I just want to testify what your love has done for me

Free Kerastase Hair Treatment and Blowout on May 20th? Don't mind if I do! (You have to find this one on your own though!)

Oh my gorsh, looking like a hooker never looked so good!!!

Once again, get out of my va-hay-hay! Your products are not meant to be real!

Disposable I get, but RECYCLABLE?!?! After it's been in your cooch?!?! EWWWW!!!

Scuba lesson 2 went amazingly well despite having a sore allergy throat. I can't wait to get my dive on!! We're going to St Lucia in September and here's the diving site. It looks amazing!!!

After our PADI cert. we'll be able to go 60 feet. That's pretty deep seeing as how our practice pool is 14 feet and our lake dive for cert will only be about 35 feet. Yessss!!!

I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait! And now we're also finding that so many other friends are certified and more want to be and they want to go lake diving and on Caribbean trips with us. Makes it that much more fun! I could sit at the bottom of a pool and contemplate the meaning of life all day long. I can't even imagine what the lake and the ocean are going to be like...

I really hope we can go to Mexico with Brent and Sarah. Cabo Cabo Cabo Cabo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Cabo!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tears Tears and More Tears

Holy Streaming Motherload!!

This is one of my favorite songs ever. I love Elvis Costello. Have had most of his albums at some point or another but, of course, when I want to listen to them, I find they're all gone.

Now I've hit the jackpot!

Start with Tears, Tears, and More Tears because it's my current fav. The live version, if you can find it, is even better. Allen is really banging on the piano. It's so jive and awesome.

So much so, I think I'll listen to it again!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I wanna do it like this, do it like that

I would totally own this dvd.

Also, Keith Sweat is playing on my Pandora. Wtf?

Also, this is totally the appropriate response to the summer film, Where the Wild Things Are. That book scared me shiza-less too!!

Where The Wild Things Are Focus Group #1 from Lance Bangs on Vimeo.

Little kid, I feel your pain!

Our voices will ring together // until the twelfth of never

Oh Earth, Wind, and Fire. I will never forgive you for letting Chrissy see you without me!!! Chrissy, I know you were forced beyond your will. I'll let that one slide! Ha!

I am so in love with this. This guy made comics to illustrate SPAM email subject lines. GREAT! It reminds me a lot of SamRex's old comic, Hat w/ Sunglasses.

Who is funnier? Let's duke it out to the bloody end! BRAINS!

I'll tell you who's funnier. Heidi Klum and Seal. An intentional white trash wedding? Don't mind if I do.

Sorry guys, you both lose!

In ways that I lose? Both Drumline and Wall-E made me cry like a little titty baby. Wahhh!

Obviously my lacking vitamin D has made me certifiably insane. Why does the sun hate us so much? It's been a whole month since it started raining EVERY.DAY.

I want to be your #1

I must own this Marci Washington. We have one of her nudes and it's phenominal. She's very much throw the blood out with the baby and I love her for it. Makes you want to know this girl, hell you do know this girl, have known this girl, and as far as you run away, she's always just one step behind you. The curtain of your mind's eye and whatnot.

Tiny showcase is a perfect place to start a collection. The prints are original, limited in number, well crafted (good paper), beautiful, and well priced. I like to think of our ever growing art collection like breathing. I must do it. I must grow it. It's not optional in the world I want to live or the world in which I raise a family.

Here's some others we've gotten over the years.

I gave this to Ryan for his birthday.

We have two of Howell's Mexican Robots, one through Tiny Showcase, the other he made for us.

Brandon graciously allowed us to use Octopus Bouquet as the cover for our wedding program. Yes I put an octopus on our wedding program. Why wouldn't I?

I gave GhostShrimp to Lovell for his birthday.

Passing Through sits in our living room. Creeps my dad out.

Anyway as you can tell, I love the format. Hubs does too. Everyone should in fact! Go spend your money at today!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just one

This is pretty awesome for our school's street cred! Go Hogs Go!

Granted I know nothing about the man's politics but, as of this very moment, I don't care.

you see someday it will bring me back to you


So we had Husband's brother's college graduation this weekend and it was a lot of fun to be back in Fayetteville for a day, although that was a nice maximum. I got to see who I wanted (SamRex, here's looking at you, BRAINS!) and Lizzie (although not nearly long enough) but I missed the B-Dog crew and that sucked.

But it was great and strange and we all probably drank too much (although, again, not near what we used to) and had lots of BBQ and family and the brothers karaoked a MeatLoaf song because they're gay for each other like that and well you know.

Then we came home and Hubs wasn't feeling well so I made him turkey meatballs (ricotta, fresh parm, fennel, rosemary, hot pepper flakes, little olive oil) with piccolini farfalle and fresh tomato sauce with zucchini strips and cherry tomatoes.

Hey I have to keep him loving me!

And it was grood!!!

And I totes forgot today is my early day to leave!!! WOO!

If I could melt your heart

Recent events:!

Spent last night learning about atmospheres and bars for our first 4 hour!!!! scuba class tonight. Much more reading tonight because we have another 4 hour!!!! class Thursday and then 2 more 4 hour classes next week same time. It's actually pretty interesting and makes a lot of sense, although I would have sold my soul to not have had to learn it in college, now that I like learning the sciences and maths. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm really excited. Let's hope a shark doesn't bite my butt.

We finally got to watch Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (or something close). I thought it was great. I'm a big Hellboy fan, just like X-Men, although I haven't been reading Hellboy near as long. (I have yet to see Wolverine***, and since I heard they call Wolverine and Sabretooth brothers in it, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't). But it was a great movie. I have always really been drawn to the idea of the other in society, be it the mutant, or the monster, co-exisiting side by side with humans.

It's obviously an easy metaphor for feeling like an outsider most of my life. And although I've never gotten into Tolkein, I understand the attraction. It's comforting to feel like their are secrets

(Sorry had to delete Belinda Carlisle's Heaven is a Place on Earth from my Madonna Pandora)

that only you understand because you can't understand what is so common place. Trolls do live under bridges. Fairies do come cause trouble at night if you leave the tent door open. Trees breathe in the forest. Fish keep fishermen's secrets. Gnomes collect spilled spices and refill your jars if you leave them trinkets lying about (buttons, lint, etc).

Who wouldn't want to live in this world?

Anyway I'm blabbing. Back to work. Back to reality.

*** If you really want to start reading some amazing graphic novel fiction about Wolverine and Weapon X, start here. particularly love the story line with Lady Mariko Yashida and the artwork is impeccable.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

and my traders of kind

So in the course of a few hours I "met" 2 men who were very close, best friends with my father. My biological father. The one who died when I was 5, almost 6. I hate having to classify it like that. But it is what it is.

I'm also completely weirded out right now. So many what ifs. These men were both in their late 60s-early 70s. What would have been my dad's age. The one that I saw drove this incredibly cool British car. A Triumph. He would have loved my MINI. The other wouldn't stop hugging me. Knew my mom very well. Was with my dad when he died, "at 3am."

How have I gone this long without knowing that my dad died at 3am?

My mother said "Doesn't she look just like Mark and Jeff?"

How have I gone this long without knowing that I look like my 2 brothers who won't speak to me.

Everyone wonders why my notions of family are so, different.

I don't know how to feel. I'm full of questions, but like an outsider. Like one typing up the obit, not one writing it. I can't even say that I'm very sentimental, but I do so long to be.

This is what it's like to be me a lot of the times. Total strangers walking up to me saying how much I look like my father. A Perry. The man who put my dress on backwards for the only family photo I ever took with him. Right before he died. I had a bowl haircut that he gave me, way before my hair started to curl from puberty.

How am I supposed to feel right now? How.

those were the happiest days of my life

I found a picture of you, oh oh oh oh
What hijacked my world that night
To a place in the past
Weve been cast out of? oh oh oh oh
Now were back in the fight
Were back on the train
Oh, back on the chain gang

A circumstance beyond our control, oh oh oh oh
The phone, the tv and the news of the world
Got in the house like a pigeon from hell, oh oh oh oh
Threw sand in our eyes and descended like flies
Put us back on the train
Oh, back on the chain gang

The powers that be
That force us to live like we do
Bring me to my knees
When I see what theyve done to you
But Ill die as I stand here today
Knowing that deep in my heart
Theyll fall to ruin one day
For making us part

I found a picture of you, oh oh oh oh
Those were the happiest days of my life
Like a break in the battle was your part, oh oh oh oh
In the wretched life of a lonely heart
Now were back on the train
Oh, back on the chain gang

This song has no particular value to me rather than it's such a perfect fit for so many scenarios in my life.

Driving with Aaron straight from Little Rock, picking up an old Fender Rhodes from the ghetto, then driving it home to drop it off to only drive straight to New Mexico and back?

Sitting in that deserted gas station, between home and St Louis, wishing he'd kiss me and then he never does, and then he never does.

Helping Carlos convince The Ramones that his student film about them was only because of circumstance, not profit. Smoking cigars from his home country as a result of our rewards.

Running with Anne out of the concert hall in Munich early backpacks strapped on tight, running to the train station, running to the platform, jumping on the train, barely making it but we do. Sorry Tori. But we had places to go!

Driving alone in high school from Little Rock to Jackson, MS to see my grandmother, spending the entire time with the windows down, hair wild, no AC in the middle of the summer. My Jeep was a champ that way.

Today, driving to lunch with Ben, wishing Husband could meet us, driving so fast in my new car and thinking I used to never be this kind of girl, or maybe I was, and I forgot, and either way, I'm glad it's me now. My hair curled extra tight and wild from the windows down and sunroof open. My world ahead full of ideas.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

show me the ways to get back to the garden

I'm sending this to Husband to print out on his fancy color work printer. I think I want my hair to look like this. I definitely want the honey brown honey blond. Dissatisfied with hair these days...

EWWW she looks like a man, man!

what have we done to ourselves?

You threw black ice

Oh My Alek Wek! God she's one of my favorite models of all time! What I could do with skin that dark and beautiful.

Let me see you move it on the dancefloor baby!

i DROOOOLLLLL. I'm very into yellow right now. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm....


I'm also really into these. They are so Grood!! Banana Babies!

Other than that, working alot. It won't stop raining. 3 graduation ceremonies to attend this weekend. Liz, and while we're there, Spencer's, and Patrick's. I'm already tired thinking about it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Clap Your Hands Now, People Clap Your Hands

My dear sister-in-law is a genius. Hands down. If I could do it all over again I would still pick her!!!

Her blog is ridiculously wittysharp. Especially the post about the pom poms. Holy Cow! Let's get our marigold daisy chains flowing and find us some sacred cows!

I love it!

That makes me want Indian Food.


I am really only good at keeping up with my schedule and my Hubs's schedule. Please don't ask more of me than that. THANKS!

Cosmic Slop

Dude! I'm hongry! Is it lumnch yet?

I can't get enough of this car!!! Meet Pippi! She's so friggin' awesome!

Me on the hood in a bikini pics to come...never! ha! I still have time before summer, right?

I can hear my mother call.


My hair is growing back out. Yes, Hubs, I realize it was maybe a bit too short before. I can't wait to get outside and sweat some. I'm ready for summer outdoor fitness times. Tennis again. Etc. All this rain and staying inside has got me down. But it's great for catching up on our 30Rock. How have we waited this long to watch this show?!?! It's genius!

Too bad I can't say the same for Parks and Recreation...bummer guys!

Favorite line so far: "Christmas wishes, shooting out of my eyes!" It's really a shame I can't find a video of this...

Husband, I expect you to be able to fill in the rest of the song...

Friday, May 1, 2009

I keep hearing footsteps, baby, in the dark

in the daaaa-ah-ah-ah-rk.

Thanks Isley Brothers for making my Friday full of Smoove Jams. Remember Smoove B?!

He and Jean Teasdale are my all-time favs. A Room of Jean's Own. Awww!

Despite how it looks, I am actually getting loads of work done. Thankfully I don't work at Farm Bureau Federation like dear Husband, and so all my work has more to do with catheters and adult diapers (Yessssss!) than North American Stick it to the Man Flu (Noooooo!). My life is sweet!


Don't get to stay with Tanner and Corrie this weekend, sadly. Plus is that I love waking up in my own bed! It's muy comfy. And I may need to introduce my new car to the roads of Little Rock!

I just want to testify what your love has done to me

Thanks Parliament. What a great way to start the day.

Also for tickets to this, I die. I would die more than seeing Harry Potter in Equus.

I adore Nathan Lane. I adore Beckett. Waiting for Godot is one of my all-time favs. That and Rosencratz and Gildenstern are dead. I love that weird existential b.s. in my plays. Can't stand it in novels, short stories, whatever. Love it in my plays. Something about seeing the interaction of the dialogue with the live character makes my brain be able to wrap around it.

Scuba lessons continue tonight. Finding my new MINI Cooper baby tomorrow after the garden tour!

Busy weekend indeed!