Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I want to be your #1

I must own this Marci Washington. We have one of her nudes and it's phenominal. She's very much throw the blood out with the baby and I love her for it. Makes you want to know this girl, hell you do know this girl, have known this girl, and as far as you run away, she's always just one step behind you. The curtain of your mind's eye and whatnot.

Tiny showcase is a perfect place to start a collection. The prints are original, limited in number, well crafted (good paper), beautiful, and well priced. I like to think of our ever growing art collection like breathing. I must do it. I must grow it. It's not optional in the world I want to live or the world in which I raise a family.

Here's some others we've gotten over the years.

I gave this to Ryan for his birthday.

We have two of Howell's Mexican Robots, one through Tiny Showcase, the other he made for us.

Brandon graciously allowed us to use Octopus Bouquet as the cover for our wedding program. Yes I put an octopus on our wedding program. Why wouldn't I?

I gave GhostShrimp to Lovell for his birthday.

Passing Through sits in our living room. Creeps my dad out.

Anyway as you can tell, I love the format. Hubs does too. Everyone should in fact! Go spend your money at today!

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