Thursday, August 30, 2007

I’m addicted

Killing a few momentos before the eye doctor before the baking party before moving more, football game, rushing home, before the lake, before my haircut.

I'll be damned there's no model for my hair. Am I supposed to look like Beyonce (Bouncy) with her afro puff stuff? Kelly Carlson ? (I'm obsessed with Nip/Tuck.) Mariska Hargitay would be lovely but in the way these things don't matter: I could walk around with hair down to my ass and he'd love it. I need inspiration, or better, someone to inspire me. Not just love me for how I am. I have that. Who can love me for when I'm all polished and with purpose. I'm taking a new political stance: If I can't keep a lover or take another husband, I have to get a gay boyfriend. If Rocky lived here, he'd whip my ass into shape. But he's not so I have to quit holding him as the standard of comparison.

Help! I have hair with no purpose. Those who really know me know I'd rather shave my head than have hair with no purpose. And that's not even begging the question of color. I'm thinking caramel-- blond and red and brown. But then there's dark brown. A good mediterranean tint. Shit. I'm fucked.

In other, better news. I can start my fall garden next week! The list:
-potted mums (because you have to), vases of spidermums and last of the dahlias
-pompous grass

the end.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I feel in love with a chemist

It had been raining all day and we'd been driving all day. And none of that was out of the ordinary, seemed our whole vacation was driving. We stopped for lunch, a little later than usual and had a hard time finding a place what was open. In the back seat, among the junk food wrappers, a couple of cd cases, coke bottles (the glass kind), sat a rough, and I mean rough, translation of The Canturbury Tales. Due to the time, lunch was going to be sandwiches from the counter and probably more coca-cola. I kept adding items as the chemist bagged them. 2 chicken salad sandwiches. 2 crisps. Rosewater lip balm. Liter of water. A St. Brigid's cross made from local willow. A pack of cherry mentholatum chewing gum (what was I thinking?). 2 bottles of elderflower syrup in fizzy water. We had our picnic in the car, in the rain, in a field where there were supposed to be burial mounds but there were none. We had driven 3 extra hours out of the way just to find them. We talked about how we missed our pets back home.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Funny bone

Back from Ireland. It was awesome. Updated pics on my picture page. Trying to call everyone and deal with the plumber and deal with the carpenter and deal with a horrendously long that time o' the month. And I feel all crappy and non-socializable. Getting last of shiza moved this weekend then hopefully the lake. Then unpacking rest of stuff. Hopefully death period will be over by then and I can start calling people and talking to them like I like them. I would love to see some folks. I've been a long time gone.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Half moved to LR. Went as best as can be expected. Hot here. Leaving for Ireland tomorrow after work. Then calling people, painting, grilling. Send me phone numbers people. I don't have ready access to email just yet.