Monday, August 28, 2006

my weekend with Bub

Midnight Cowboy, excellent
The Paper, okay
Murderball, V. Excellent
We did watch something else but I can't remember
We didn't make it to Easy Rider, but we will
We didn't make it to Pirates of the Caribbean, but we will
Waiting on Lost season2, waiting on Lost season 2
How is it already noon?
Person that stole my identity, please give it back.

Friday, August 25, 2006

well i lost the meatpuppets


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

kingscross for a while

I've been to Kingscross. About a million billion light years ago I met my boyfriend of the time in London, he was studying to become big scholar man-eater at Oxford, which he was quite good at, studying, reading and reading and reading, and we were in the big city for new year's eve of the big one, the ball drop, the end of the world 2000. It was one of the most thrilling nights of my life, not knowing if the world would just implode under its self, itsself, fold in like a pearl in a shell and tuck us all to sleep, babytime sleep. So we stood across the river from Big Ben and there were strangers slinging champagne and us holding each other tight and I had jewels in my hair. And then it stroked, 2 dudes stroking it, and we blinked and were alive. And then the roar was nearly deafening and I probably had to pee.

Good lord what children will do with their free time.

So apparently if you're a lady looking to get some action, get an engagement ring. I've never had so much fun turning people down, really cute boys at that, who are just SO LATE. What took you so long? HI?! Maybe I've lost that lovely desperate air. Haha. That would be funny. Despite all the dolls I've had, I still feel like an object in all of it. Something that wasn't shiny and new enough before. Wouldn't things be easier if we all had a sign around our neck. Mine would say: Use caution. Being abandoned by dead man people and locked away by evil brothers, our heroine isn't quite sure what to make of the way she feels, ever. Yours would say: It's my birthday and I don't really give a fuck.

Lots of people moving in and moving out. I thought about it. I did it. We'll be driving the long road to OKC soon to visit Grandparents soon. But that also means we'll be driving the long road to OKC to visit Rob soon. Aaron, the Rumni sword dance is so on.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

losing it

okay so i have officially caved in to the stress of lately. Having lost my gourd, I completely pulled an idiot with the work schedule the weekend before school starts. I still can't figure out why I scheduled what I did. It makes no sense whatsoever so I'm blaming it on the enormous amount of everything that's been on my plate and that lil part of my brain which multi-tasks everthing for me is still on vacation. I feel like an idiot. If a person could roll their eyes at themselves, I am that person right now. At least Gatorade is good to me. Sortof.

Friday, August 18, 2006

post new blog

Vegas was fantastic. Exactly what I needed. I missed home, was missed at home, but God, there is nothing like laying out after a butt kicking day of work and last few months and it's 100 degrees outside and you're not even sweating, not even in the full on sun. Desert heat, check it out.

Save the date cards going out monday, thank jebus. We're mostly on schedule. I've got a lot of catch up I need to play. Get a cake, some flowers n' stuff. Cupcake cake! We'll be just like Tom and Kate!

In 4 days Wilbur grew like an extra foot. He's ginormous now. My big boy. I read some awesome beach trash on the way out (thanks mom) and Lullabye by Chuck Palahunik whatever the fuck. Now reading Never Let Me Go (yawn, come on come on gimme the catch) and Haunting? Haunted the newest to paper back Chuck Palahunik. It's okay. I guess I shouldn't have read half the stories when they came out in Playboy. Chris wants me to read Fear and Loathing next, if he can find it. If not, back to the beach pile Brent sent ages ago. You'd think I could have gotten through them by now. But you may of forgot that I watched Lost in between then and now.

Okay the new Fergie song
London Bridge is such a Missy E rip off. Totally. But it's not bad. Maybe because I lack a new Missy song to fill the void.

Monday, August 7, 2006

animal dance?

Something about hearing the Cranberries Linger on the top 40 adult station roughly 5 X daily, 5 X weekly makes it actually not seem like such a bad song as I once thought. Dangerous thinking, I know, because I'm also feeling like maybe it was a mistake to get have sold my Sarah McLaghlin cds however many years back.

Like I said, mistakes. Had a good time Saturday night. Sam Rex, you are always welcome in my corner. Maybe, one day, we can actually hang out. Saw Ricky Bobby movie last night. It was pretty funny but would have been nothing without John C. Reilly. I'm so in love with that man. I mean who sounds better: John C. Reilly saying "I did a spread. I mean I actually spread my buttcheeks and everything" or Brad Pitt saying "I did a spread. I mean I actually spread my buttcheeks and everything." Yeah that's right. John C.

Totally in love. Wilbur's lack of sleeping habits is quickly killing me. I don't think they make enough coffee to satisfy the sleepless beast inside. It was good for moma to get away Saturday night, again, I had a blast, a real gas, start to finish the whole she-bang, and am looking forward to it again.

Unfortunately I get to go to Vegas again this weekend. Bridal warehouse city! I'm so stoked. I got my dress just need a veil and some jewels, crap like that. No Penn and Teller this time but we're thinking instead of the short honeymoon to NYC we may go to Vegas instead, see Penn and Teller then. I'm honestly a bit too tired to care right now.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

PRINCE! I can't stop listening to Satisfaction and 3121 and of course, Black Sweat. It's all so yummy, especially Satisfaction. I was thinking of playing this at the after wedding dance party but then everyone would quit dancing and immediately start having sex and you know, that gets messy.

Wilbur's got a vet appt. Which means it's good I got a little side job bc I am broke. I actually look forward to it. Book keeping seems to be my rather boring forte. Hey! I get to go to Vegas so whatever.

Angelina Jolie movie party tonight with Amy. I am so sleepy. I hope I make it to the Bone Collector as that's about the only one I haven't seen yet. I do have such a soft spot for all the Tombraider movies though. Who wouldn't? That braid is wicked!

Life is such a whirlwind now. I'm glad all the going away Bryce festivities are done. I'm about dead.