Friday, August 18, 2006

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Vegas was fantastic. Exactly what I needed. I missed home, was missed at home, but God, there is nothing like laying out after a butt kicking day of work and last few months and it's 100 degrees outside and you're not even sweating, not even in the full on sun. Desert heat, check it out.

Save the date cards going out monday, thank jebus. We're mostly on schedule. I've got a lot of catch up I need to play. Get a cake, some flowers n' stuff. Cupcake cake! We'll be just like Tom and Kate!

In 4 days Wilbur grew like an extra foot. He's ginormous now. My big boy. I read some awesome beach trash on the way out (thanks mom) and Lullabye by Chuck Palahunik whatever the fuck. Now reading Never Let Me Go (yawn, come on come on gimme the catch) and Haunting? Haunted the newest to paper back Chuck Palahunik. It's okay. I guess I shouldn't have read half the stories when they came out in Playboy. Chris wants me to read Fear and Loathing next, if he can find it. If not, back to the beach pile Brent sent ages ago. You'd think I could have gotten through them by now. But you may of forgot that I watched Lost in between then and now.

Okay the new Fergie song
London Bridge is such a Missy E rip off. Totally. But it's not bad. Maybe because I lack a new Missy song to fill the void.

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