Friday, October 27, 2006

why did I just say that?

bc I'm a big chicken when it comes to certain people who are ungodly beautiful when they don't try. Life is cruel. remember the bad times! remember the bad feelings! Nothing is a fair trade, ever. ugh! Consequences suck a big fattie.

But anyway!

Bachelorette party this weekend! Lord I can't believe it's already here. That is so insane that the month of October is over already. And then those lectures for the business college and then Ben and James' wedding and then .........beyond!

Dropped the pupples off at bording puppy playground and am having severe separation anxiety. Yet another reason why people shouldn't have children. This shit is killing me! And it's my dog! Dr. Wuppenstein! I love that dog. God, way too much.

I'll miss Bubs this weekend but I'm really looking forward to my girls. Everyone is all so grown up yet we all have just about exactly the same problems as always. Except now, some with husbands, some with children, some with drug habits, some with dating, some with boredom. It thrills me to know such a constitutionally varied group of people.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lady Doc

But as always the thing that he loves he will change.

I watched the Finding Neverland movie again. God I love Peter Pan. Second to the right, straight on 'til morning. What a boo hoo fest. And Johnny Depp's Irish brogue. mmmm.

Who we were, isn't lost, before we were us.

I can't wait to get married. I never thought I would be ready for anyone but here I am, very very ready.

I finished the invitations last night. Tomorrow I'll get stamps and then we assemble tomorrow night and in the mail by Friday! Excitements!

Friday, October 13, 2006

man I hate this thing.

I was going to post an essay I wrote for elle magazine about my most memorable piece of clothing but this piece of a blog won't let me. Anyway it's nothing anyone would really want to read unless it got published anyway. No harm, no foul.

My neck is so sore it's making me nauseous. I can't turn it, well I can turn it- big improvement over all of last night, but I can't turn it without sending pins and needles, shockwaves is more like it, to my gut causing said gut to clench and my brain to get dizzy. Voila! I'm spilling my guts. Except that I can't bend my neck down over the toilet (I've tried) so if I did vomit it would have to pitifully dribble down my chin like a mental patient. Not a pretty picture.

So after I get work, my NAMA meeting, a few errands done I'm hitting the bathtub, super hot sauna style, popping a soma, finishing Beowulf, and hopefully not drowning. Then maybe some taco soup for dinner. Maybe just another 4 rounds of ibuprofen. My life is sweet! Envy me!