Monday, March 31, 2008

Give me the stuff, that sweet funky stuff!

I like this bc it looks like he's holding a doodie.

Speaking of doodie, have you seen the queens of comedy spread in the latest Vanity Fair?! Holy shit! It almost made me miss my subscription but if I had to swallow another one of Greydon Carter's loads again I would slit my wrist. Not PC enough?

Stupid error loading can't play scrabble slow long months with too many days and nothing to work on to even pass the time crappy crap!

I cooked mussels, moules frites, for the first time last week. Hmmm. Still really in the air about it. We didn't die but you know...Anyway that kicked off gourmet food week at mi casa. Yesterday was grilled chicken with avocado cilantro pesto and cauliflower (damn! it was good!). Tonight is something else. I can't really think on it now. I'm convincing myself I need to go to Spanish and it's really hard at the moment. But we're learning the difference between soy and estoy or whatever and I'll never get it if I don't go.

Stoopid Spring. It's supposed to rain this weekend. Poo!

Birthday Beltane is soon! Love on me!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Won't you step into the freezer?

I love Yahoo! Answers. This for example is perfect!

Other than that just kinda the early Spring blahs. Working, playing, boy time, girl time, pet time, renovations, cooking, walking these damned hills, thinking on this and that, hitting the sack early, not feeling too groovy, planting and waiting on things to start growing.

That really sums it up. And I don't even have a picture to show for it, except me and Hubs seal. Which is badical.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hold your horses back from the fickle dawn

Bc SamRex's a genius. I'm a veritable cornucopia of luck to have him as a friend. I bet if Afroman came back to town, again, he'd go with me.

Lover, let's go visit the home of on-line emotion.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

stay with me awhile

A long, long time ago when kingdoms dotted the countryside and children of money grew up to be princes on steeds and ladies in waiting, there was an orison existed which parents prayed daily for the safe keeping of the phoenix, the gryphon, the pegasus, and the seal women, the mythical beasts that kept children tame, and safe, and at home. Among others, the harpies, the kraken, the buriat all swelled in numbers hidden in the wildest of caverns and most ornately built mazes. The parents built walls around their cities, a meager form of protection against beasts only as big as they dared. For when the beasts arose, walls were little to stop such forces of fire, wind, and water.

It was an honor to keep one of these creatures in one's armory, enlisted to terrorize any hamlet for the good of the nation. Just as the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs, a dragon's roar can be heard a million miles around, much farther than your or my imagination can go. Difficult as the situation might seem, and it never is as clear as that, each the monsters and the parents needed one another to ensure the balance was kept. Can children understand that which we do for them?

Now listen, hear closely, my little ones. There was this past in which you were lost to the world and there is no fantasy can bring you home. Forget me you might, but I still think of you, I still pray, and as our future has yet been penned, our time will come again.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lady, do not banish me for digressions. My nature is a quagmire of unresolved confessions. Lady, I follow.

Tom Pouce,

"A child is lying fast asleep
Down where the lilies grow,
And the lilies nod and peep,
Quite pleased to have him so.
And the lilies softly say,
"We must not sleep, you know;
Lest he wake and run away,
Fast as little legs can go."

-Menella Bute Smedley

geomede peony,

The Door (I)
by Robert Creeley

for Robert Duncan

It is hard going to the door
cut so small in the wall where
the vision which echoes loneliness
brings a scent of wild flowers in a wood.

What I understood, I understand.
My mind is sometime torment,
sometimes good and filled with livelihood,
and feels the ground.

But I see the door,
and knew the wall, and wanted the wood,
and would get there if I could
with my feet and hands and mind.

Lady, do not banish me
for digressions. My nature
is a quagmire of unresolved
confessions. Lady, I follow.

I walked away from myself,
I left the room, I found the garden,
I knew the woman
in it, together we lay down.

Dead night remembers. In December
we change, not multiplied but dispersed,
sneaked out of childhood,
the ritual of dismemberment.

Mighty magic is a mother,
in her there is another issue
of fixture, repeated form, the race renewal,
the charge of the command.

The garden echoes across the room.
It is fixed in the wall like a mirror
that faces a window behind you
and reflects the shadows.

May I go now?
Am I allowed to bow myself down
in the ridiculous posture of renewal,
of the insistence of which I am the virtue?

Nothing for You is untoward.
Inside You would also be tall,
more tall, more beautiful.
Come toward me from the wall, I want to be with You.

So I screamed to You,
who hears as the wind, and changes
multiply, invariably,
changes in the mind.

Running to the door, I ran down
as a clock runs down. Walked backwards,
stumbled, sat down
hard on the floor near the wall.

Where were You.
How absurd, how vicious.
There is nothing to do but get up.
My knees were iron, I rusted in worship, of You.

For that one sings, one
writes the spring poem, one goes on walking.
The Lady has always moved to the next town
and you stumble on after Her.

The door in the wall leads to the garden
where in the sunlight sit
the Graces in long Victorian dresses,
of which my grandmother had spoken.

History sings in their faces.
They are young, they are obtainable,
and you follow after them also
in the service of God and Truth.

But the Lady is indefinable,
she will be the door in the wall
to the garden in sunlight.
I will go on talking forever.

I will never get there.
Oh Lady, remember me
who in Your service grows older
not wiser, no more than before.

How can I die alone.
Where will I be then who am now alone,
what groans so pathetically
in this room where I am alone?

I will go to the garden.
I will be a romantic. I will sell
myself in hell,
in heaven also I will be.

In my mind I see the door,
I see the sunlight before me across the floor
beckon to me, as the Lady’s skirt
moves small beyond it.

I kicked the habit, shed my skin

Bdog's baby shower went off swimmingly. I was so pleased. And then I got a 24 hour virus on top of having a couple drinks too many so we had to come home early where I had a fever. Woke up and was sick and then spent the rest of Sunday with a horrible head cold and fever. Yuck. But the party was great fun. And I knew I could be getting sick so I was super careful in making the food as to not spread the wealth.

More pandora funk radio today.

Drove to work with Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" one of my all time favorite songs. So that was a plus. Being all snotty. That is a minus.

Me and Jules get to plan our birthday Beltane this week. Send out the evite. Get the prep started. I'm SOO excited about Bday Beltane this year. Because being in LR vs Fay. maybe we won't get snowed out the 1st week of April. To make it easy, we're starting the party early. Like 1pm. Providing a keg but asking people bring food to share. Make it like a big picnic. We have horseshoes and badminton. A fire pit if it gets cool. I think it's going to work out great. All I really have to do is find a florist who can do me and Jules 2 flower crowns at a decent price. I'll have to start looking into that this week.

Hubs helped me get some yardwork done Sunday when I had an ounce of energy. He dug the holes, I dropped the bulbs. Perfect! We got Berlini and Tom Pouce Oriental lilies planted, Karl Rosenberg and Sandra Bernhardt peonies planted, and more ranuculus. Or as Hubs called it, redunkulous. I love him.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Everybody has a little light, under the sun, under the sun, under the sun


Thank God for Funk radio on Pandora or I would have to shoot somebody. So yesterday we found out all the hard work Hubs had done prepping our floor for tile was not only for naught, but it was a terrible thing to do. We were only doing what we had been advised to do. Worse than that was the fact that after we admit our mistake, all these people who knew what we had been doing decide that's the right time to pipe up that it was the wrong move.

Thanks, alot.

I mean seriously, where were all these people a week ago? Before the mistake? Sheesh. So we both got into the back breakingness again and it set us back about 8 days with 0 progress. Fudge. It's so disgusting.

Anyway. Work is easy today thank God. Got stuff ready for the shower tomorrow. Thank God. Ready to fuckin' drink a glass of wine. Thank God!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Modern Love -gets me to church on time

Sam rules. He made that for me. Becauze he's awesome! You should visit his Hat w/ Sunglasses site (see stage right, is that it?) and encourage him to make more. Because I want more. Plain and simple.

Cooking Bdog and Collins baby shower food tonight and tomorrow night. Squeeze in a work out since I was bad yesterday. But we passed accreditation!! and we've been waiting to pass for the last 4 months now!! and I got a bunch of roots planted!! I deserved a pizza kinda day!!

Squeeze in Spanish tomorrow. Hard to get back into that habit. But since my class size is now 2, I have to. And attend. And do my homework. Hmmm... Why are these early months of 2008 so tiring and difficult.

I came out of Mars's retrograde and entered Mercury's. What's next? No Birthday Beltaine?!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Eat Rotten Fruit from a Shitty Tree

Ultimate Peep Show, 2007

Come on. I'm already so sick of what white people It would be a different story if it were even remotely funny but it's just like that Simpsons, or that King of the Hill, or that Chappelle show, or whatever. "It's funny 'cause it's true!" Haven't we evolved enough to where race jokes aren't the only thing that's funny anymore? Can't we transcend this level of, why yes in fact, British people DO have bad teeth, white people CAN'T dance, black people DO like cornbread, etc. etc. I mean inherently racist humor has it's proper place in understanding radical change and the evolution of society, but this kind of inherently racist humor isn't even that funny and that's the most offensive aspect about it. And everyone knows I love a funny joke, no matter how terrible it may be, off the cuff, offensive, in fact, the more the better (cheap shots excluded). Good humor is allowed to be offensive if it's supposed to make people think, as in just simply use their brain. What white people like is just another knee jerk response to Seinfeld being off the air. It's about as funny as "what's with airplanes and peanuts!" Come on, Jerry wasn't funny either. It's really no wonder you have to scratch your head sideways when watching something great like Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job! or Mr Show. To actually be groundbreaking, I think you have to push limits of what makes people uncomfortable and is, ultimately, funny. Or at least have some intelligence about it. I'm just so sick of lame-brain easy humor. It's easy to laugh at a blog like what makes white people even if you haven't had a hard day because those kind of laughs are cheap. But not in a good tawdy way. Just in a bad, slacker way. And that's just not good enough for me.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I come in peace!

Ah, Simpsons.

Dinner with Wes and Tasha was fabulous last night. I really really like her. I almost completely forgot about book club too. Emailed her in the nick of time. Whew! Where I'm going to find time to garden, Bunko, Spanish classes, work, go to the gym, and play with pupperies I don't know. But whatevs. I'll make it work!

Here are bathroom demo and renovation pics, FINALLY!!

We're so proud. Tile comes in this weekend, if the 1-2 inches of snow doesn't get us!!! oooh! Anyway we're really looking forward and I'll post more pictures after. The floor tile is simply bootiful!

Pepto Pink Delight!

That, my friends, is a toilet hole, circa 1958.

New citron delight! Sorry, I don't have the time to get these out here and get them lined up correctly, sheesh!

Whaddya think?