Thursday, March 13, 2008

Modern Love -gets me to church on time

Sam rules. He made that for me. Becauze he's awesome! You should visit his Hat w/ Sunglasses site (see stage right, is that it?) and encourage him to make more. Because I want more. Plain and simple.

Cooking Bdog and Collins baby shower food tonight and tomorrow night. Squeeze in a work out since I was bad yesterday. But we passed accreditation!! and we've been waiting to pass for the last 4 months now!! and I got a bunch of roots planted!! I deserved a pizza kinda day!!

Squeeze in Spanish tomorrow. Hard to get back into that habit. But since my class size is now 2, I have to. And attend. And do my homework. Hmmm... Why are these early months of 2008 so tiring and difficult.

I came out of Mars's retrograde and entered Mercury's. What's next? No Birthday Beltaine?!

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