Friday, March 14, 2008

Everybody has a little light, under the sun, under the sun, under the sun


Thank God for Funk radio on Pandora or I would have to shoot somebody. So yesterday we found out all the hard work Hubs had done prepping our floor for tile was not only for naught, but it was a terrible thing to do. We were only doing what we had been advised to do. Worse than that was the fact that after we admit our mistake, all these people who knew what we had been doing decide that's the right time to pipe up that it was the wrong move.

Thanks, alot.

I mean seriously, where were all these people a week ago? Before the mistake? Sheesh. So we both got into the back breakingness again and it set us back about 8 days with 0 progress. Fudge. It's so disgusting.

Anyway. Work is easy today thank God. Got stuff ready for the shower tomorrow. Thank God. Ready to fuckin' drink a glass of wine. Thank God!

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