Friday, February 29, 2008

I look into the microscope, see Golgi Apparatus

Won't you buy me a birthday present, beloved? You have a lil' over a month...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

God isn't one of these // former or latter

pink powderpuff

We have a newly bone colored tile bathroom!! It's beautiful and huge looking (of course there's nothing in there to take up space) and, as of yesterday, we have a beautiful new European style shower door.

It's all coming together so well. Would be appropriate that this would have then been such a crazy month. So much will lost. So much work achieved. Orwell.

Hubs is in Washington DC because he's a big time PR guy fighting for farmers's rights. It's damn sexy. I'm working on moisturizing my now just extremely dry, albeit no longer poisonous, skin. Not very sexy. But while Husband is gone, it's good time for me to get a few surprises done for him. Finishing his office is one. Lampshades done. File cabinet done tonight. Out with that old gross metal thing. And then it'll be done! His man cave will be fully functional, stylish, sexy, and musical. Perfecto!

Is it terrible that I'm delving back into Phish? I'm sorry but I can't help it. I've always loved that band.

I've been slacking on Spanish. My mind just hasn't been into it. I'm working on getting the yard cleaned up more while Hubs is gone. That I enjoy. I have a whole gardening itune playlist for my shuffles, complet avec Phish. They make good plant food.

Anyway. A hair trim is in the works. Especially after my dream last night. Thank you! Mr Romanian man I've never seen. That was intense, and shocking. Even for me.

Also cleaning out the closets. Dusting. Watching my movies. I finished Notes on a Scandal last night. It was good. Intriguing. Mostly just nice to look at Cate Blanchett. I just don't know how she does it.

So who knew Arkansas winter hardy ferns require full sun? Um hello? They're ferns!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I made a friend of the western sky

BIGNONIA CAPREOLATA, aka Papaw's Cross Vine.

Went to a house auction today. V. interested in seeing more. I have a lot of interest, and honestly experience, in this family house flipping business I guess I've joined. And it's obvious my opinion is wanted but in other way's it's frustrating. I'm so easy to have a temper right now, (I finally had to get off the prednisone) and the crazy appetite is gone, the crazy high. But now I feel really low. Really depressed. I guess it's made me sensitive. I had no idea I would react so strongly to the juice but it's made me a mess. Anyway I'm easily frustrated. With my brother, with work, with friends, with me. With my ever present poison ivy induced leprosy. Jesus.

So I know when my body gets back regulated it will all pass. Sometimes I just wish I didn't feel like I was in a competition for living. And that I didn't still feel hurt by a certain friend. And that the weather wouldn't be so shitty. I think if I could just get well enough to get back to working out or working in my yard, it would help.

Just more of the same. Big news, I'm still in a funk.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the words are coming out all weird

This is what I want my backyard to look like. I must invest in ferns this year.

Yesterday was horrible and bad. The steroids really went to my head, or they had been collectively cumulatively going to my head and decided yesterday was their day to strike. I've never felt so out of my f-ing gourd before. Poor friends had to help me calm down. Poor Husband had to help me calm down. I keep wanting to think my poison ivy is getting better but I just don't know. And I'm getting down to the dregs of my meds and hoping I don't need more but not understanding why I'm not significantly better by now. And I'm tired, exhausted by wide awakenings at 3am (on the dot since I started taking the stuff) and my mind, emotions, body are just spent.

Kids! Don't do the juice! It'll only get you in the end. (And despite my insane appetite, my ladies swear my end is shrinking, which is pretty cool but so not worth it!)

I am so proud of Husband, that work sends him all over the country on a regular basis. I highly think he's earned it. But I sure will miss him when he's gone.

Monday, February 18, 2008

We just want to emote 'til we die

Marigold Dior will make it all better.
We will suffer for fashion, or, whatever

Poison ivy sucks. Steroids suck. Irritability sucks. Planning things suck. Having to go to Spanish when I just want to go home and itch sucks. Wah. Sucky suck. Whatever!


Popsicles and Round up, bitches.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For a minute there, I lost myself

More Dior, For Shore

Derek's in Little Rock! Mon protege! I'm so lucky.

On an unlucky note, my arms are covered in poison ivy. The downside to sleeping in the weeds.

Hubs loved his Valentine's bonsai. My unfortunate itchiness has put a damper on our lately lusty moods. Hopefully it'll be over soon. I'm ready to get back to it!

Radiohead dates came out. We're looking at Dallas, possibly Chicago. Soy de Chi-cago. I'm ready to see Katie and Lovell too, so maybe I need to see if there are any St Louis dates.

Bathroom work this weekend and then Oaklawn next weekend! woo!

As would have it, this so figures:

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius until the 18th. Retrograde Mercury signals communication and connectivity problems, mistakes, malfunctions, mix-ups and misinformation, schedule changes, and heavy traffic.

This month’s Eclipses are part of the 10 North series, or “family” of Eclipses. In this series, “there is a very strong emphasis on communication and, at the same time, frustrating or inhibiting events may come into [our lives] via news, paperwork, or a young person. The person may feel tired and drained, and this is therefore a good time to take things quietly and work through the difficulties one at a time.” (Bernadette Brady)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

blame it on the blackstar

I completely forgot to thank my Hubs, best Hubs of all Hubs, for indulging in my rock-n-roll chicken tendencies. Grubby Hubby, my Valentine's present was the best of all.

Rock N' Roll Rooster Mang! A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-A-L-L-I-O-N, mang!

My name is mud

So much going on.

First, meet Mazie Lulu, our new piggie puppery. She's such an adorable chunk. God, my heart just goes out every time I look at her.

She and Wilbur adore one another and play lossa tugawar.


Secondly, bath renovation is coming along rather smoothly, believe that. I'm using this idea of a spa to get me through. Our own personal spa where I can grow an orchid or some frangiapani and it's all tiled with espresso dark wood. So here's some frangiapani to help you know what I mean:

I'm looking at paint colors now and I really like that clean, light sunny yellow. I don't know what Chris will think. Amarillo Claro. There's my Spanish for the day.

Busy at work. Busy in the yard. It's cold and raining like crazy and I hope it doesn't wash all my good new dirt away but then it makes it a whole lot easier for me to plant my Xanadu.

New REM album, I'm curious about you.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Then there's your policy of trancing, the sauce without the blame

Down the Primrose Path, 2003

I'm playing the waiting game at work. Ho hum.

We have a name for the cartoon! Gomers a Go-Go. It's coming along, just don't ask for stills.
Thanks to my loverly friend Sam Rex, and his co-authored site MW Capacity, I've discovered another new favorite artist that I had to share.

Victoria Reynolds, (link is to a gallery showing), is about as cache au courant as it gets in my opinion. It might be delightfully off-putting to revel in your love of meat in this day and age but it is still tacky, and whatever she's saying about society at large here, or not, it's still enjoyable.

Here's some of my favorites (and obviously my favorite above):

Flight of the Reindeer, 2003

Lickety Split, 2003

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Taking it to the streets

DAMN! Tornadoes blew us away last night. I'm so glad I got my sunflower bed all done before the winds of change blew in. I feel really bad for those whose houses blew away. And I guess it was still acting up on the east coast this morning. Take heart people.

I ended up voting Obama. I hope that works out. SHEESH! I was so close to voting the I don't care as long as it's a democrat slot. That probably would have made me feel better. Anyway Hillary took Arkansas which honestly kinda surprised me.

Fanny and I are starting to plan Bdog and Collins's baby shower which excites me. She's getting the guest list and invites all done up. I'm working on the menu. Even though it's hard work and stressful, I love cooking party food. Martha Stewart always has the best ideas that I can rip from and make my own.

Arkansas Farm Bureau had a bomb threat this morning. Like, really?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am so split right now between Hillary and Obama. My heart wants Obama but my mind wants the Hill. Hmmm.


Update: every quiz I take says I should vote for Obama.


I see such goods and things I don't agree with in both.


Monday, February 4, 2008

when there can be no winners

More Dior. My love.

Each betrayal begins with trust
Every man return to dust.

Shekina, now I understand.


I'm trying not to dream of Spring, but when I wake at dawn, it comes so early now, and I've sweated out a fever in dreams of peaceful dreams (I shouldn't be so dreamy), I can slide past the winds, the remnants of cold rain. I can feel the dirt between my fingers, crammed into my nail beds. I can feel the thorns of my roses; the cedar splinters I smell still hours later. Mars has moved out of retrograde. It is time I shed my cloak of awkward dreams. It is time I be myself and lose the bitter anxiety I've been so steeped in.