Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Taking it to the streets

DAMN! Tornadoes blew us away last night. I'm so glad I got my sunflower bed all done before the winds of change blew in. I feel really bad for those whose houses blew away. And I guess it was still acting up on the east coast this morning. Take heart people.

I ended up voting Obama. I hope that works out. SHEESH! I was so close to voting the I don't care as long as it's a democrat slot. That probably would have made me feel better. Anyway Hillary took Arkansas which honestly kinda surprised me.

Fanny and I are starting to plan Bdog and Collins's baby shower which excites me. She's getting the guest list and invites all done up. I'm working on the menu. Even though it's hard work and stressful, I love cooking party food. Martha Stewart always has the best ideas that I can rip from and make my own.

Arkansas Farm Bureau had a bomb threat this morning. Like, really?

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