Thursday, February 7, 2008

Then there's your policy of trancing, the sauce without the blame

Down the Primrose Path, 2003

I'm playing the waiting game at work. Ho hum.

We have a name for the cartoon! Gomers a Go-Go. It's coming along, just don't ask for stills.
Thanks to my loverly friend Sam Rex, and his co-authored site MW Capacity, I've discovered another new favorite artist that I had to share.

Victoria Reynolds, (link is to a gallery showing), is about as cache au courant as it gets in my opinion. It might be delightfully off-putting to revel in your love of meat in this day and age but it is still tacky, and whatever she's saying about society at large here, or not, it's still enjoyable.

Here's some of my favorites (and obviously my favorite above):

Flight of the Reindeer, 2003

Lickety Split, 2003

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Sam K said...

You know, I caught myself eating a lot of beef for a few days after I posted that. Like, two meals a day. Subliminal?