Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My name is mud

So much going on.

First, meet Mazie Lulu, our new piggie puppery. She's such an adorable chunk. God, my heart just goes out every time I look at her.

She and Wilbur adore one another and play lossa tugawar.


Secondly, bath renovation is coming along rather smoothly, believe that. I'm using this idea of a spa to get me through. Our own personal spa where I can grow an orchid or some frangiapani and it's all tiled with espresso dark wood. So here's some frangiapani to help you know what I mean:

I'm looking at paint colors now and I really like that clean, light sunny yellow. I don't know what Chris will think. Amarillo Claro. There's my Spanish for the day.

Busy at work. Busy in the yard. It's cold and raining like crazy and I hope it doesn't wash all my good new dirt away but then it makes it a whole lot easier for me to plant my Xanadu.

New REM album, I'm curious about you.

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