Friday, September 21, 2007

you can bring your dog

boy, you still got that something.

It's Fritag!

hootie hoo my hogs better beat on some Kentucky!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

quoth the Raven

Pushed myself so hard on bike that exhaustion + nausea = no Wilco in LR. But, quoth Lovell, "[That's] the lament of Ragtime Roast Beefy." har har

Nick and hubs and I are going to look into buying me a new bike Friday after work. One that's faster and lighter than mine now. I'm v. excited. My current lifegoal is to do a century by the time I'm 30. We'll see. Or maybe just before I die. Who knows.

It feels right to be so quiet lately. I know hubs has noticed and work. I'm just enjoying not having much to say right now. It's peaceful.

All I wanna do is ride my bike. Goal 2, Big Dam Bridge, you are mine!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

can you hear me knocking on your blotto?

so i dated a guy who'd never even listened to the rolling stones and then i married one who doesn't like them. what gives? we got wedding prints back, our stanley donwood (thank you! husband!) and stephanie deaton (thank you stephanie!) and they look good with my Hal what's his name prints. all is good in the art world at casa wilson.

So it was good to see Piper, Wanted to see more of her tonight. But instead I foolishly came home and made the following: get your pencils, you will be tested!

Best idea ever!:

pint glass full o' ice. Do not, I repeat, do not ever never sacrifice this! when you are drunk you will need the water! think the drink that thanks you in the morning!

left over best friend's vanilla vodka that she trusts you with bc she is dumb.

1 cat around your legs, for good luck.

some left over Kaluha from previous owner of your first house, bc we're getting to that age of having 2nd houses people.

rest of Horizon organic milk (for pussies like me that can't digest the antibiotics and hormones put in yo dairy) but leave some for much needed coffee in the morning as you still have Friday to contend with

stir with large spoon with holes in it (like a pie server) or my personal fave a tea spoon because every lady has teaspoons in her daily silver.

Mix. Drink. Say Ahh. Secretely smoke cigarrettes while hubs plays "psychobilly Freakout" on Guitar Hero, Hard level.