Monday, March 31, 2008

Give me the stuff, that sweet funky stuff!

I like this bc it looks like he's holding a doodie.

Speaking of doodie, have you seen the queens of comedy spread in the latest Vanity Fair?! Holy shit! It almost made me miss my subscription but if I had to swallow another one of Greydon Carter's loads again I would slit my wrist. Not PC enough?

Stupid error loading can't play scrabble slow long months with too many days and nothing to work on to even pass the time crappy crap!

I cooked mussels, moules frites, for the first time last week. Hmmm. Still really in the air about it. We didn't die but you know...Anyway that kicked off gourmet food week at mi casa. Yesterday was grilled chicken with avocado cilantro pesto and cauliflower (damn! it was good!). Tonight is something else. I can't really think on it now. I'm convincing myself I need to go to Spanish and it's really hard at the moment. But we're learning the difference between soy and estoy or whatever and I'll never get it if I don't go.

Stoopid Spring. It's supposed to rain this weekend. Poo!

Birthday Beltane is soon! Love on me!

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