Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Auspicious April

So did you hear about YouTube's April Fools (**where does the apostrophe go here, anyone? anyone? Bueller, Bueller?) Joke? Every video on the front page went here, what a grand choice.

April Fool's is my parent's anniversary. 25 years this year. That's pretty cool.

My birthday is tomorrow! That's pretty cool!

Birthday Beltane is Saturday. Yippers!

Hubs got me some more of my awesome perfume, Flower Bomb (Gawd who doesn't love Viktor & Rolf). It's shaped like a pink grenade! How could you not love it???!?!

And yes Husband is awesome. And no, anyone that knows me, especially him, knows I couldn't possibly wait until my actual birthday to open my present. Just like I can't wait on Christmas, Easter, Lupercalia, etc. Anywho.

We have the tile grouted! Next up, wait on the grout to dry! Then we can buy a toilet, move the vanity in, take more pictures!!!

I'm for a popular vote system and some actual campaign finance reform.

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