Thursday, March 6, 2008

I come in peace!

Ah, Simpsons.

Dinner with Wes and Tasha was fabulous last night. I really really like her. I almost completely forgot about book club too. Emailed her in the nick of time. Whew! Where I'm going to find time to garden, Bunko, Spanish classes, work, go to the gym, and play with pupperies I don't know. But whatevs. I'll make it work!

Here are bathroom demo and renovation pics, FINALLY!!

We're so proud. Tile comes in this weekend, if the 1-2 inches of snow doesn't get us!!! oooh! Anyway we're really looking forward and I'll post more pictures after. The floor tile is simply bootiful!

Pepto Pink Delight!

That, my friends, is a toilet hole, circa 1958.

New citron delight! Sorry, I don't have the time to get these out here and get them lined up correctly, sheesh!

Whaddya think?

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