Tuesday, March 18, 2008

stay with me awhile

A long, long time ago when kingdoms dotted the countryside and children of money grew up to be princes on steeds and ladies in waiting, there was an orison existed which parents prayed daily for the safe keeping of the phoenix, the gryphon, the pegasus, and the seal women, the mythical beasts that kept children tame, and safe, and at home. Among others, the harpies, the kraken, the buriat all swelled in numbers hidden in the wildest of caverns and most ornately built mazes. The parents built walls around their cities, a meager form of protection against beasts only as big as they dared. For when the beasts arose, walls were little to stop such forces of fire, wind, and water.

It was an honor to keep one of these creatures in one's armory, enlisted to terrorize any hamlet for the good of the nation. Just as the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs, a dragon's roar can be heard a million miles around, much farther than your or my imagination can go. Difficult as the situation might seem, and it never is as clear as that, each the monsters and the parents needed one another to ensure the balance was kept. Can children understand that which we do for them?

Now listen, hear closely, my little ones. There was this past in which you were lost to the world and there is no fantasy can bring you home. Forget me you might, but I still think of you, I still pray, and as our future has yet been penned, our time will come again.

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