Monday, August 7, 2006

animal dance?

Something about hearing the Cranberries Linger on the top 40 adult station roughly 5 X daily, 5 X weekly makes it actually not seem like such a bad song as I once thought. Dangerous thinking, I know, because I'm also feeling like maybe it was a mistake to get have sold my Sarah McLaghlin cds however many years back.

Like I said, mistakes. Had a good time Saturday night. Sam Rex, you are always welcome in my corner. Maybe, one day, we can actually hang out. Saw Ricky Bobby movie last night. It was pretty funny but would have been nothing without John C. Reilly. I'm so in love with that man. I mean who sounds better: John C. Reilly saying "I did a spread. I mean I actually spread my buttcheeks and everything" or Brad Pitt saying "I did a spread. I mean I actually spread my buttcheeks and everything." Yeah that's right. John C.

Totally in love. Wilbur's lack of sleeping habits is quickly killing me. I don't think they make enough coffee to satisfy the sleepless beast inside. It was good for moma to get away Saturday night, again, I had a blast, a real gas, start to finish the whole she-bang, and am looking forward to it again.

Unfortunately I get to go to Vegas again this weekend. Bridal warehouse city! I'm so stoked. I got my dress just need a veil and some jewels, crap like that. No Penn and Teller this time but we're thinking instead of the short honeymoon to NYC we may go to Vegas instead, see Penn and Teller then. I'm honestly a bit too tired to care right now.

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