Thursday, May 21, 2009

sipping on a tall boy, sitting in the tall grass

I'll admit, I like Widespread Panic. Sometimes.

So last night we went to a presentation by Dave Eggers at the Clinton School of Public Service. He talked alot about 826 National and it was really amazing. He's funny and quite personable, which you would think to expect. Then at the book signing afterwards, we were towards the front of the line and talked to him about 10 minutes on such subjects as taxidermy, hummus, starting an 826 in Little Rock, and on and on and THEN Husband interjected, so wisely, so wisely, that my BFF little brother has just been published in the last Best of Non-Required Reading and he had written the zombie story. His name is Jake. To which, Dave Eggers replied, "Jake, no shit!"


He went on talking about how he remembers Jake from all his McSweeny's posts and the anthology and how although he'd never met him, of course, he was really interested in Jake's style. He said something to the effect of "He's a really interesting writer. So funny and dark. How do you know him?"

I told him we went to University of Arkansas together and he had introduced me to the world of McSweeny's. He was very excited about this! He then asked me what he was doing right now, where he was working, etc. It was awesome!!!!!

Moral of the story, Jake run dash call right away! Dave Eggers is waiting to give you a jobby job, or something!!!

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