Friday, May 15, 2009

I just want to testify what your love has done for me

Free Kerastase Hair Treatment and Blowout on May 20th? Don't mind if I do! (You have to find this one on your own though!)

Oh my gorsh, looking like a hooker never looked so good!!!

Once again, get out of my va-hay-hay! Your products are not meant to be real!

Disposable I get, but RECYCLABLE?!?! After it's been in your cooch?!?! EWWWW!!!

Scuba lesson 2 went amazingly well despite having a sore allergy throat. I can't wait to get my dive on!! We're going to St Lucia in September and here's the diving site. It looks amazing!!!

After our PADI cert. we'll be able to go 60 feet. That's pretty deep seeing as how our practice pool is 14 feet and our lake dive for cert will only be about 35 feet. Yessss!!!

I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait! And now we're also finding that so many other friends are certified and more want to be and they want to go lake diving and on Caribbean trips with us. Makes it that much more fun! I could sit at the bottom of a pool and contemplate the meaning of life all day long. I can't even imagine what the lake and the ocean are going to be like...

I really hope we can go to Mexico with Brent and Sarah. Cabo Cabo Cabo Cabo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Cabo!

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