Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love myself better than You

OOOOhhhh Subway veggie sub. I know I shouldn't love you as much as I do but you are sooooo good!!!!

This is also pretty good. Mustaches for those who can't commit (or don't want to permanently look like an out of work porn star).

And this I don't even get. Not in the least bit. But I kindof like the colors. Kindof.

My veggie sub is over. I'm so saddened by this!

Also I don't like Lady Gaga (except some small bits and pieces of her songs are enjoyable. Like so small they barely count as beats. But anyhoo.) but I DO LIKE how she's willing to make herself look terrible for her style. That, to me, is pretty cool. I mean that hair is AWESOME! I would love to rock hair like that one night. Just ugly and intentional. But you know. I'm vain so that won't ever be happening until my 1930's silken bed-romp Great Gatsby style party comes along. One of these years...

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