Friday, May 1, 2009

I keep hearing footsteps, baby, in the dark

in the daaaa-ah-ah-ah-rk.

Thanks Isley Brothers for making my Friday full of Smoove Jams. Remember Smoove B?!

He and Jean Teasdale are my all-time favs. A Room of Jean's Own. Awww!

Despite how it looks, I am actually getting loads of work done. Thankfully I don't work at Farm Bureau Federation like dear Husband, and so all my work has more to do with catheters and adult diapers (Yessssss!) than North American Stick it to the Man Flu (Noooooo!). My life is sweet!


Don't get to stay with Tanner and Corrie this weekend, sadly. Plus is that I love waking up in my own bed! It's muy comfy. And I may need to introduce my new car to the roads of Little Rock!

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