Tuesday, May 12, 2009

you see someday it will bring me back to you


So we had Husband's brother's college graduation this weekend and it was a lot of fun to be back in Fayetteville for a day, although that was a nice maximum. I got to see who I wanted (SamRex, here's looking at you, BRAINS!) and Lizzie (although not nearly long enough) but I missed the B-Dog crew and that sucked.

But it was great and strange and we all probably drank too much (although, again, not near what we used to) and had lots of BBQ and family and the brothers karaoked a MeatLoaf song because they're gay for each other like that and well you know.

Then we came home and Hubs wasn't feeling well so I made him turkey meatballs (ricotta, fresh parm, fennel, rosemary, hot pepper flakes, little olive oil) with piccolini farfalle and fresh tomato sauce with zucchini strips and cherry tomatoes.

Hey I have to keep him loving me!

And it was grood!!!

And I totes forgot today is my early day to leave!!! WOO!

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