Wednesday, August 5, 2009

girl I got a condo in Hoboken

Been to the max lately.

Dyed my hair (red) last night. Had hurt my back. Had gotten better. Took too long to shake the medicine shakes. Been super busy at work. Super busy at play. Planning Husband's 30th Birthday party in less than a month. Need to make a giant shrimp pinata. Trying to have girl time. Trying to see everyone's baby. Trying to get ready for St. Lucia. Did you know Dita Von Teese is a natural blonde? Moma is in Russia with these juicy tidbits: "2good sayings fr old Russia--we pretend to work, because u pretend to pay us! Hmmm! The other -the only free cheese is in the mousetrap!! Of course , u prob do not know about commodity cheese!!ha. Luv u!" Mom forgets I dated A, king of all government Indian nation cheese. Now that hair is red again, it curls! Also trimmed my ducktail off the back. Who's Loving You by the Jackson 5 is a new favorite of mine. Husband has traded in AM CNN and Today show for Saved by the Bell. Somehow, I don't mind. I figure if SBTB is still on, the world is still intact. The only reason I watch AM news anyway. We bought Mario Kart for our Wii. It's amazingly fun. Some of the tracks I remember watching the guys play in college.

Back to it. I miss and love you all!


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Ha, I need to trim my ducktail.