Friday, January 12, 2007

new sensation

Fingers crossed Fingers crossed. Hey if I got the Jehovah's regulars on my side, what could I possibly lack-a-tack?

So if this is the way it's supposed to be and person, you know who you are, keeps acting the fool and hiding down at the coffee shop, again shame shame you're middle aged!, then I think I could actually find myself in the free and clear and no chains no misery no hating the quotidienne. Wow. What a change indeed. And maybe that's why I'm enjoying such mundane tasks lately. Bookkeeping really is for me! Filing! Bill Paying! I think I could enjoy being a regular ole office manager.Get a lunch break, finally. Get gossip by the water cooler. Get a schedule and to hell with you I've got vacation time coming. People I tell this to think I'm crazy, wanting to try out such a dull avenue, and I could very very well be very very wrong. But for now, it's the light at the end of mytunnel. That I could end up with a desk job.

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