Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've got my hash pipe

Oh Lady Bunny. Going back to being alone in NY that summer, you were always there for me. You and Lucky Cheng's. What times.

OMG! I love it!!

I used to collect vintage underoos and well, wear them, until I finally realized that mint green frilly bloomers are totally cute and all but hell on my bits. You see, the playful things I refer to were all made in the 50s and 60s of polyester rayon God only knows what kind of materials. Sweat in them. gross. Dance in them. ouch. Lay around in them. ok maybe that's fine. But I like to be active in my lingerie so to speak and these just weren't having it.

Well men, now you can know what it feels like to wear exactly what I've described. Frills that itch your thighs at awkward times. Material that, although pleasant to touch after a powder bath, is pretty kinked up after a day out and about. That kind of material is pretty great in a slip*. Not so great up against your balls.

*Awful confession. There was a girl I completely didn't like and I saw her at a party. She disliked me equally. We both had fairly wicked good taste in clothes. She was wearing this beautiful coral colored slip that I had to have. I knew it was vintage. I knew there was only one way to get it. I walked up to her and told her that looked so much like this slip I used to have that my boyfriend made me wear every time we had sex. But sadly I guess I sold it with some other clothes. That weekend, I walked straight into the local awesome resale shop and what do you know. Lying in a bin, not even tagged yet, our coral slip. Sad thing is I wore it once and gave it away. Her boobs had stretched it all to hell.

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