Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My angel wings // Were bruised and restrained

A few things about me, as of laterly,

I'm so into Cake. I walk around my yard, ipod shuffle all dirt stained from the garden, and shake my booty to some Cake all summer long.

Where I work, Spinal Meningitis by Ween is not the best song to rock out to at your desk. Gets you a few looks to say the least.

I really, really want it to rain. At my house. Not over here at work. Not over there at my parents' house, but here. Here at my house.

Hopefully August will be less restless than July has proven.

Thank GOD Brent and I have found a way to play work Scrabble again. I was seriously getting the stitches up in here!

My Husband is a bad ass carpenter if I do say so myself. Build us some doors honey, build 'em up!

There for about 5 seconds I almost, then I said naw, fuck it. Totally not worth it.

I'm reading a wonderful book, that is just what I've been wanting. Use my brain but also let me just enjoy a good story too.

Frustrated: Not the men I work with, but the men who work around us are worthless. Since when was it mannerful to sit and watch a woman in a pencil skirt, blouse, and heels, try and pull a rusty metal gate 8 feet along a sliding canal? Hmmm? Hmmm Mr A-hole smoker warehouse men? I've pulled half ton pallets off 18 wheelers in similar outfits not because I wanted to but because I had to. It was fine. But when I'm obviously out of my element and it's 105 degrees with the heat index, don't you think your momma would be proud if you got off your butt for once and helped a lady out/cooked dinner for a change/did the laundry ever/picked the kids up from school just this one time? No wonder our society has belief systems rooted in masculine dominance, because we let them. Did I one time ask for help while out side? No. And that's my own fault. I hate to baby a man but God, sometimes it's just so much easier. Even the truck drivers that come in won't let us work, afraid they'll dirty us just by looking at us (pun def. intended). Work. Sheesh. Whatevs.

I get to see Bdog and meet Milla Thursday. Dear Wes and Tasha get married this weekend and that includes Travs game Friday, wedding Saturday, brunch Sunday. Houseguests the whole time. I have to put an outfit together. Yikes! What to wear?

But the mutants that I see
Shine their beauty unto me
I wish you could see them

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