Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bring me forward

(I made this!)

2 things.

The Dark Knight in Imax was so INCREDIBLE!!! It totally lit up my inner nerd (librarian glasses and all, wink wink) and we had such a great time in the theater watching it.

I am so glad to be wrong in this instance. Going back to church was such an enlightening and warm experience. It really is home to me. The weight I always fought through, drowning in warm water, isn't there anymore. A lot of those old feelings aren't there any more. The guilt I used to feel for being a person with everything but to feel so lonely. The loss of my father and family in so many ways. The need to be fit in a mold and never, never being able to fit in that mold. For all and no reasons combined, my church provided me such strong foundations, permission to question everything around me but it never did make me feel more whole. Now I think what I'm supposed to learn, is that in accepting abundance (Shanti Shanti), in accepting the ever duality of my nature (I believe in her goodness // I believe in her darkness), in accepting my strengths and my weaknesses, I am accepted. And it makes giving back so much easier. It makes everything so much easier. Plus we baptized the adopted son of a lesbian couple in the service. And it just helped make me feel that much more like a person who wants to do things not just be things.

Having Hub's brother and his fiancee in town was great fun. Having Hubs tell me all my working out is giving me boner leggs was great fun as well!

Time to watch I am Legend, 55 pushups, then beddy times!

Where are you in all of this?

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