Monday, July 14, 2008

Online scrabble lunch break

My uterus, right about NOW!

Ok so today was one of many that I had to actually use my lunch break for good not online scrabble evil. I missed it!

Anyway I've been asked to beta test an official EA Games Scrabble game for Facebook. As those who read this know I am completely and utterly addicted to Scrabulous the other, first, ??? Facebook word tiles game. But lately Scrabulous has been sucking it up big time and it's always flawed and messed up and was really getting on my nerves.

Enter beta test! Woo! I've always wanted to beta test something. I'll tell you it's not that easy. The invite process is all weird and I'm trying to play but there's no one to play with (except my new Scrabble friend, go read her blog it's awesome) and that's pretty annoying as I like to have a couple of games going at all times. But you know, whatevs.

The game format itself is good. Easy and big to read. It's getting hung up on stuff quite a bit but I think that's because it's still in testing AND there's been some easy words it won't recognize which is always a bummer but you know. When it hits I think there will be a ton of people on it and it will get really popular. I'll definitely play Scrabble but I'll also still play Scrabulous bc I'm a sucker for wasting time on silly things like words.

So in the vein of stealing, I present plushie guts!

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Jenn said...

Thanks muchly for the link love :)

I love those plushie guts! I'm really hoping my mom got my hint and bought me some for my bday haha!