Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everybody shake your booty down

Date night was wonderful!! God I would be so fat if I ate regularly like we ate last night. It almost killed me to leave such wonderful food on my plate. Good thing I have a man eater. And dead libido, dead! Double bonus! I appreciate a man who can buy me dinner while talking about how he doesn't understand men that are insecure with my age of women generally being the bread winners. Where did this guy come from? I'm one lucky lucky lady!

I can't wait for Hubs birthday to roll around. I work hard to always make his bday's fun. Beer can chicken club one year. Pinata full of plastic babies another year. Trash can full of cans of beer one year. Wait, those might have all been the same year. Ha! I have the sweetest present coming for him which I can't mention here bc he reads this but it's sweet. Like the 2 Coreys aren't sweet. That's how sweet it is.

It's certainly no vienna sausages in mac n' cheese though! ha! Got ya Bubs. For the world to see your nasty little snack secret! Maybe that should be the theme of this year's party though. Nasty dark secret snacks. And everyone has to bring a tray/bowl of them. And make a sign around their neck about a secret they have. ha. I wonder what my secret nasty snack would be? A toss up between Taco Bell's beef grilled stuffed burrito (I know) and graham crackers with laughing cow spreadable cheese and a sliver of that chocolate orange thing you get at Christmastime. Not so bad. I knew a guy who put cheese on his Oreo's. Secret Nasty Snacks! Cha!

I'm still thinking though a Bob Marley appreciation party. Everyone come in their best yarn dread wig. Red, yellow, and green stripes everywhere. It would be pretty easy to pull off. Jerk chicken. Not that I know how to make jerk chicken but I could figure it out. Lots and lots of greens. Ha just kidding. That's an illegal reference over there! hardy har

I've also always wanted to have a Tarts and Vicars party a la Bridget Jones and those crazy Brits but I think it would be hard to explain to people. Or maybe I just don't like the idea that much. I've always wanted to have a pirates n' wenches party too. Sexy pirates? Sexy wenches!

Jeez I better mark this on my calendar. September's already starting to fill up!

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regan said...

I EAT THAT, TOO! My roommate flinches everytime I buy vienna sausage...and everytime I stir up the mac 'n cheese. I tried it with hotdogs and with the cocktail sausages, but it's not nearly the same. (Blaming our dad for this one family secret.)