Tuesday, July 1, 2008

They forgot to mention Willie Nelson!

I just finished the series Y: The Last Man. I think I've posted my favorite cover but I'm not sure. For our wedding present Buddy Matt gave us the first couple of books and Husband and I were immediately hooked. The story is riviting (there's a gendercide plague that attacks the world and all men and male mammals are killed except Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand). The drawings are phenominal and I've just really become attached to these characters over the, what, how ever long I've been married, what, year and a half, to them.

And this ain't your daddy's comic. Unless your dad's comic had sadomasochistic sex in it (to get over survivor's guilt), this blow your mind theory on a top scientific conspiracy, a panel where you watch a woman cut her own breast off (to join the Daughter's of the Amazon, naturally), lots of lesbians (there aren't any men), clones (there aren't any men!), and some penises (sorry but, you know)! There's this amazing scene where the surviving women have made the Washington Monument into a tribute to all the men lost, and 2 girls are sitting there talking about how there's no more Bowie, Dylan, U2, Rolling Stones, Elton, Beck, Kanye, on and on and how lost they all are, and sad, and not for the obvious! The pathos (and, well, bathos) should be enough to make you buy it out of curiosity at least.

Anyway it's hilarious and suspenseful. The guy who wrote the series is now a writer for Lost. I just read the last book and was doing okay and then there's this scene at the end between Yorick and Ampersand and I just lost it. Lying in bed there with Hubs I just completely came unraveled and started bawling. Granted it's been that kind of week (thanks friends for coming over all weekend and cheering up our mojo) but it was such a powerful moment in the story.

Anyway if we hadn't already loaned them out to friend after friend I'd let you borrow them. Highly acclaimed, lauded internationally, you really should check it out.

Now we're starting a new series, Kick-Ass in which a 12 year old boy living in the real world decides to become a super hero. It's getting rave reviews right now so I'm pretty excited about it.

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