Monday, June 30, 2008

Wild Card Inside Wild Card Inside

So unremarkable movie of 2008 award goes to: Juno.

I had not ever really wanted to see it but we had a copy lying around the house so Hubs put it in. Blah and blah. The cutsey ooh she uses big adult curse words one liners were trite and pretty lame. There was absolutely nothing in the parents that I could believe, although I did like the dad character (as none of them were remotely real or believable but all characters, or characatures is more like it) and his quote about punching the dude "in the weiner." But I mean really. I'm really glad to see Michael Cera got an Oscar nod. I mean that's amazing for his age and what little movie work he's actually done, but for all those people to get Oscars and the script and whatever? I mean did anyone actually see this movie?

Hubs and I weren't impressed exception noted with the weiner punch line.

But then so we also watched Margot at the Wedding and even though it's not fair to compare such different movies, um hello? Why didn't it get all these Oscar nods (that is I think it came out in 2007 but maybe not). It was so well done. Brilliant. The characters were so real and I hated Margot but I felt real sympathy for her. Her life was just pathetic. And Jack Black's character. I mean I know everyone wants to move on from Nicole Kidman but if she keeps putting out such work like that then I say let her keep having it. It was just a really good movie. Noah Baumbach, kudos. No one that has good taste could handle the Squid and the Whale. I'm glad to see him use his skills at writing people to actually write some beliveable scenarios to go along with them.

Anyway that Dewey Cox movie wasn't funny either.

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