Friday, December 5, 2008

You and I, feet to feet

2nd Annual Wilson Holiday Throwdown is tomorrow! Don't forget to bring your spare change for the Unicef collection!

Here's some Unicef statistics that I think are incredibly helpful as far as understanding just how well we have it made:

- 33,000 children die each day?

- One out of every three children is affected by malnutrition?

- Vitamin A deficiency leads to 500,000 cases of child blindness each year?

- In countries where women and girls do not have the right to an education and in which women are kept in servitude, child malnutrition rates and infant mortality rates are among the highest in the world?

Here's how you can help:

- Two cents can buy one iron tablet supplement.

- Six cents will buy three vitamin A capsules to protect a child against blindness and other health risks from vitamin A deficiency for one year.

- 21 cents can buy nasal tube for feeding a seriously malnourished child.

- One dollar can buy a year's supply of zinc supplements (which lessen malaria incidences) for one child.

- Also it can buy one pound of pea seeds or three packets of lettuce seeds for a school or community vegetable garden.

- $1.34 will buy a box of 144 sticks of dustless chalk.

- $1.86 will buy basic education supplies for one student.

- $4.37 will buy one blanket.

- $10 can buy 60 baby fish to stock a pond for a potential protein supply for a rural village.

So bring your spare change tomorrow. We're making a difference gosh-darnit! Or we can just send them some Boo Boo to the Rescue and tell them it'll all be alright.


Rick James is a genius. You and I being the classic example. He takes a very motown-disco melody premise and completely puts the nasty on it. Singing about 69 and feet on feet. The beast with two backs. Oh Iago, if only.

PS Rick James ain't got nothing on my jambalaya stuffed mushrooms. 4lbs of stuffed mushrooms? Don't mind if I do!

Husband your Christmas present is coming down for the party. It's really really frigging cool!!!

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