Friday, December 5, 2008

In the morning, you go gunning

Hey girl,

Yeah, remember me? We never got along and boy, for a while there, didn't I sure bust my ass trying. Remember me? I wasn't trying to impress anybody except that one guy I really liked so I joined your little club. And I loved everything about it, except for you. Really changed the way I saw my future. Until you did everything you could to make me miserable there. Told the boy to break up with me (my guess was always you liked him too), told people not to like me, told people lots and lots of lies about things I never did, but never told them about the things I actually did do. I tried to get along with you until I saw that you would never try. So then I just let myself have fun in not liking you. I didn't have to work too hard. No one else I knew liked you either.

Remember me? So now you're applying for a job and my best friend is the liaison. He barely remembers you. But he doesn't care because you know what? He asked me my opinion of you. And I told him all about those nasty little things you used to do. All with the knowledge and saying that, Well, she's probably changed. That was a long time ago. But you asked me what I thought of her and she never ever gave me any other examples.

It's really too bad too. You probably won't get that job and from the looks of you having to move back home, back cross country to get it, sounds like you probably really need it. And if you're using credentials from 12 years back to get it, it sounds like you really are desperate. So nasty girl, here's to you. I am not going to lie and say I hope you get the job. But I'm also not going to lie and say that I care if you do.

Because you know what? The ex-boyfriend is a lewd loser. I am very well and happily employed where I want to be. Those people you told stories on me to are some of my really good friends now. You saved me years of heartache and trouble. I'm very glad you hated me that much. All is to say, we could have been nasty girls together, but as it is, I'm not your bitch. Don't lay your shit on me.

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