Friday, December 5, 2008

Ooh let's get this show on the road

I told you! Henry and the pretty pretty gardens.

I must thank the Lady Holobowitz-Darnell for reminding me of Passive Agressive Notes. This is truly my favorite. And this one because I have had more awful dirty dish leaving roommates than I can count. I'm glad you don't necessarily have to be friends with your roommate. I've found that not being friends works the best.

Best roommate ever: Brenticus (I still have refrigerator baseball) and Jake (coming home late, drunk, to you playing samurai swords was just such a treasure). And Chrissy in college always takes the cake. And Sundays "living" at Piper and Liz's house. All the rest, sorry, we shouldn't have lived together. Ever.

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SP in SD said...

Phew. For a while there I was afraid I wouldn't make the cut!