Monday, December 8, 2008

More bounce to the ounce

Party was wonderful. Will post pics later. Feel like a cold is coming on, seriously, sinus pressure city. So not much to report although when I had to run to the P.O. and get coffee, this was on NPR's Talk of the Nation and it was very enlightening. I, personally, have nothing to say about the Holocaust, Judaism, or where any one person or any group should pick up and move on (there was an African-American caller talking about slavery in the same terms) because personally I've only ever encountered stigmas about my sex (thankfully) but never about my race (it is just as unfair, but it is easier to get past) because there's not much left to say about whitey (that's me) that hasn't already been said.

But anyway, I think it's always really beneficial to a people or to a person to move on from the past so I was especially interested in the topic.

One thing we'll never move past: nasty girls. While getting ready on Friday night to go out with my out of town ladies, the topic of some real bad nasties came up. This may or may have not been said: She's probably just really angry from all the gremlins hiding in her acne scars. I mean, wouldn't you be mad at the world in that case?

Truer words. Truer words. Punch her in the face for me.

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