Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Theologians don't know nothing

Boo Boo Rescue?

This is why kids are wimps these days.

Itchy Boo Boo Cream? Magic Splinter Remover? Sympathy and Appreciate stickers? Come on. Get with it. Kids know about cancer and AIDS and single moms and food stamps. I think they can probably handle getting a scratch, or, if you were like me as a kid, having your shins completely come off while attempting some lame-ass skate trick my brother talked me into. And I didn't get no "Sympathy Stickers". I cried getting shots. Kids cry. It's why you have them, right? Boo Boo cream. Sheesh. Just another way to sucker people into spending 4x what the stuff should cost them.

Most importantly though, the company is called Classy Kid. Aww yea!


Anonymous said...

Are you defective or something?

Anonymous said...

What's with all the hostility? Kids get hurt. Nothing wrong with trying to make them feel better....

Sully said...

Doesn't it do kids a greater disservice to tell them that everything will always be okay. That falling down is a bad thing. (Kids fall down. It's what they do.) That it doesn't teach anything. That her Type I diabetes won't last forever (P&A), her grandmother's cancer is not going to kill her (D&M), her father's cancer will kill him (me). Don't assume that just because I don't have kids or like them that I don't understand them. Most kids I know are a lot smarter than most adults I know and the last thing they want to be treated as is stupid.

Plus marketing "tools" like that to parents is a crime. It makes people think that when your kid hurts himself, nurture is less important than a price tag. Any band-aid can be made "magical" as long as the parent tries. But most parents don't try because they are too busy, understandably so, and so the guilt they feel makes them overcompensate. Overcompensate makes for needy, wimpy children.

Ta Da!

And besides, this must be your first time at this rodeo. Nothing I've stated is a new belief! Keep reading for more clues...I'll be here all life!

Sully said...

And another thing, this post got the most views of almost any post ever. Little science project : PROVED! FOA people, FOA.