Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you like my acid rock?

My friend Peter has gotten Thai on my brain. Hmm tasty Fayetteville Thai. Can't beat it anywhere, and I've tried!

So here Little Rock, I need to tell you something.

Dear Little Rock,

Please get some decent Thai food. That stuff you had floating around in my soup the other day that called itself Thai, that wasn't Thai. That was a piece of a creature from the deep. Please sweet Little Rock, get your act together. I'm not keen on moving again.

love, Sully

It's inspiring to write these letters.

Dear Madonna,

Sorry about all that divorce stuff. But you know, you can't really rule the world. I miss the fun of your album Music.


Dear Pink Floyd,

Just all die already. Jesus just freaking quit already. I have vomit in my mouth from having Another Brick in the god-damned wall come on my Pandora AGAIN. Just ugh. Vom. Totally vom.

up yours,

This is pretty fun!

Dear 12 year olds in the ESPN Classic Scrabble tourny I watched all day Saturday,
I hope all my kids turn out to be just like you. Really. You're all awesome little gardens.


Dear RSS Feeders,

This bud's for you! Thanks for proving that my limited html skills work!

Peace out,

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