Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you find you remember things that well?

Down by the Seaside is my favorite Led Zeppelin song.
Really, nothing puts me in a more dreamy, lovey mood.

I am currently addicted to and following Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Almost turning 30 is stressing my style quotient. I am too old to be wearing trashy rags and I am too young to look matronly. So, THANK YOU Tim Gunn. You are showing me the way! So I've decided to quit wasting money on junk clothes and invest in some fitting, classic pieces that I can funk up with jewelry and shoes and purses (my specialty anyway).

For those who don't know:

yesterday I found my sweatsuit alternative (cute cotton dress from the Gap) and my day dress which looks cute and yet serious as can be on me!! I'm so excited! I also got my fall/winter/and spring boots! Now I know it seems I may have done a lot of shopping yesterday, and I did. But that's the thing with losing weight, is suddenly your old clothes look really bad on you! The boots were totally for want, not need, but the purse. Oh, God, how can I explain this.***

The purse was for me. Ever since owning my store in Fayetteville, I have wanted and wanted but never allowed myself to buy a purse that I wasn't selling. It's such a personal metaphor for me. After I closed my store, I wore jewelry and carried bags I really didn't like out of obligation. I felt obligated to carry that albatross around my neck because my business didn't make it in the end (oh but the beginning is a completely different story. We were on cloud 9 there for a few years. Silver lining, huh?)

I turned down the Wal-mart design opportunities, the Marni opportunities, the other retail opportunities because I was so depressed by it all. I felt like I had just pfft! failed. EPIC FAIL! I closed down the month after my wedding. That was Jan. 31, 2007. It has taken me until now to realize what good actually came from that, from failing. Gave me some new perspective on my sometimes cruel attitude towards life. And now I can just sit and hold my new bag and pet it and sad as it may be, it really makes me feel good. Can one really have a love/hate relationship with fashion accessories? Really?

When life gives you the finger, f it up!

It has let me know that I don't always have to give and give. Sometimes it's ok to take. And then I'm having these revelations and guess what arrives in my inbox? Guru Tim talking about "what have you done for you lately?" This is how I choose to live my life now, in celebration.

***But really, it may all have also been inspired by too much Rachel Zoe Project. And really, what's with all the mumus, Rachel? Jeez.

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