Tuesday, October 14, 2008

she reads Simone de Beauvoir, in her American circumstance

Ahh, back from the 3 day vacation! And not a single post the whole time. That's a nice break.

Weekend events:

-Served 15 people and kids chili frito pies Friday night. I was so nervous that we wouldn't have enough food and we did and everyone loved it! Rice crispie treats for dessert. And cherry 7up to drink (can you remember the last time? It tastes just as good!!!) It was a perfect Friday night meal. We played Wii sports. Helped some people out. All in all, a feel good time.

-Watched The Box, by Takashi Miike (famous for Ichi the Killer and Audition --both, believe it or not, past my horror threshold) and it was one of the most beautiful short films I've ever seen. Yes, the premise is horror, but it's more thriller/drama. And God, the snow scenes. Truly amazing. Whereas I DO NOT recommend the other two, ever, vomit, gag, gross, The Box is a perfect film. One I'd like to own.

-The Hogs beat Auburn!!! Hubs and I had a really good time with friends watching this occur. And then White Water Tavern. You know, it's fun to go with friends, but not that fun. I don't know. I think I'll stick to porch time. And it's cheaper!

-Got too see Fanny and Nick's new house and it's wonderful! Then Mexican and meeting baby old man Owen. He's adorable! I can't wait for more pics. He's all a wrinkly, old man, month old, 3 foot long baby. Cute!

-Monday I had the day off. Accomplished the usual (laundry, read Summer by Edith Wharton (not my favorite), painted a dahlia from my yard (I'm working with watercolors!!), cooked amazing noodle free veggie lasagna ( you use eggplant and zucchini and mushroom slices instead of noodles--delish!), read October's Elle, watched a bunch of The Rachel Zoe project, took Wren to the vet and finally, late late, went to bed.) A perfect day off. I never left the house!

OOOH!! And we'll be spending Christmas alone together again this year (it was Vegas, baby! for our 1 year anniversary!) so Husband surprised me by booking us the King Suite at the Mount Magazine lodge on Christmas day!!! I'm so excited and then we get to come home and celebrate Spencer's 30th birthday with him as well!! These holidays are shaping up quite nicely!!!


DWQ Online said...

I am jealous about Mt. Magazine. I wonder if I could stow away.

Crysee said...

And I'm jealous about just about everything in this post! Esp chili frito pies and cherry 7-up! Loves!